Draenei Hunter - 52 with Black Lion Updates

Well, Japhrimel made it to level 42 before Yaz got to 52. I managed to speed through the needed experience for Xavi to ding 52, then switched back over to the cat. I'm doing nothing but grinding right now in Azshara. Killing Naga and various highborne ghosts - attempted a 50 elite blue dragonkin and decided that was a bad idea... Japh died really, really quickly... and the entire point of killing stuff is for KITTY to gain experience, not me!

I've got probably 5-8 quests complete and just sitting in my log from Un'goro. Once I ding 53 I'll probably stable Japh, where ever he may be in levels and let the rest figure itself out when Yazmin and Xavi have hit 70. Because I highly doubt I will get large patches of pet leveled to me once I turn in those quests.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see... and no, I did not log out at an inn, I logged Yaz out on a hill overlooking some temple ruins. That way I can kill stuff in the morning with no run time!

As for me? I'm headed to bed. Got class tomorrow. But hey, its a Friday, that means I have the entire weekend ahead to play!


Quote of the Day

"Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining."
- Jef Raskin, interviewed in Doctor Dobb's Journal

I think this is appropreate for today. :D


Why Do YOU Blog?

I figure this is a question that I personally should answer, and would encourage anyone that reads this to do as well. And its an easy-to-post if you are stumped for something!

I blog most of the time so that somebody will be able to have something to read as they are getting ready for school / work / a zombie killing spree. I actually have two or three articles written in longhand on paper with a pen (ooh, scary hun?) that just haven't quite yet made it through the keyboard and onto the screen. The reason those articles are even on paper is I have an hour on Monday, Wednesday, and a half hour coming up on Thursday to write while my husband is in class. When I get home? Nintey percent of the time? I just want to log in and play, I don't want to blog immediately, unless I've been chewing on something while in class.

Blogging also gives me an outlet when things go really, really wrong in an instance, as a place to try and analyse why things went so horribly wrong, and how possibly somebody else can prevent making the mistake I did. Or, to share a funny incident or a really, really lucky break. My blog is a place to vent, cheer, or just generally be confused, without feeling stupid about it.

As I've said to my husband a few billion times, I had to learn a lot to get where I am now as a hunter. When I first rolled one? I had no clue how to send my pet to attack, didn't know that spiders kinda sucked as pets, or how cool boars eventually would be. If I can pass on even a tiny bit of what not to do to a new hunter, then at least the other hunter won't screw up the way I did so many times!

Note: Most times if you get more than 3 things on you as a new level 10+ hunter with a pet? You are sooo dead. Hunter multi-tasking is done with a growl, a freezing trap, and either a scattershot or an intimidate. Even I don't always survive a three pull if things go bad and the wrong thing traps. So, never feel bad for dying, just be embarrassed if your pet has just come from a battleground and you wipe the group because s/he is on aggresive - been there, done that, never do it again!

Draenei Hunter - 51 Now what?

Yazmin is sitting at level 51. She dinged 51 while in ZF, having a very fun time too, I might add. But now I've got nothing but Un'goro left... and a ton of quests too. >.< No, I'm not happy about un'goro ... see previous post solely on me being squashed by roaming ravenous devilsaur.

I supose I could take a break at 51, and go drag out Japh, work with the kitty a bit, and see how much they pumped up the pet leveling... Now my question is... what is the lowest level mob I can kill while not murdering the pet every time... guess its back to Tanaris and killing anything but Basali?

I'll get back to you on how far Japh made it before I personally dinged to 52. And with 52 comes BRD! -- and yes,I know, I really should just finish Un'goro so I can go to Winterspring!


Quote of the Day

"Fix the problem, not the blame." - Japanese Proverb

Because I am having some Cross-Guild Drama on Quel'dorei, I figure this quote is most approprate. Its how I try and address issues on Quel'dorei. As a guild leader or guild officer I consider knowing the ground rules vital to being able to step into any situation and say, "This is permitted, while this is not."

Making excuses does not help a situation resolve itself. Either step up as a guild officer or step aside, because you shouldn't hold a position of power if you aren't willing to wade into the muck. I wade in whenever it is needed, as do my officers.

Note: if anyone from my guild is reading this? Please see our Guild Info section in game for more info.


If I say "run" RUN!

Every good hunter I know takes a careful stock of every situation they put themselves into, trying to see the angles, and what can go wrong - if it does, and tries to plan for it. Or, maybe, its just me.

I find myself watching everything, even while in the middle of an instance, I know where a mage's sheep is, where the sap target is, and dependant on which breaks first, I call it out, while DPSing, and trapping the targets I've been assigned, and managing the pet. I do it because I can. I also keep my tracking up - its been made much less confusing now that I can track hostile versus passive mobs. And, if things go wrong, I'm the first to throw my pet at whatever it is, to try and buy the group a bit more time to either run, or try and get the situation under control. I will even die before the healer when at all possible, to try and give the healer a bit more time... usually it results in a more favorable rez position for said healer- not always, but sometimes.

The only times I will cut and run are when I believe a situation is beyond the ken of the current group, not before. And if I'm running? Everyone feel free to follow the potenially screaming hunter from the room... we are in no way going to survive whatever Tzia is running from. Or, if I tell a group member to run? Please do it, I'm trying to buy you time. I can take a few hits more than a clothie can. I'd rather the clothie cut, run away, and let me die than us both dying.

Some have said I'd make a good warrior with my tendency to watch everything, and the willingness to throw myself at death. I don't know... I like my hunter and all the control it gives me. Its something to think about at any rate.

Quote of the Day

"It's too dangerous a journey to risk the cat's life."
-Charles A. Lindbergh, [Explaining why his kitten, Patsy, didn't accompany him on his legendary transatlantic flight.]

I think most hunters would get the humor I find in this quotation. When it comes to WoW, I take calculated risks that include my pet, a cat or other, every time I go up against a mob 2-4 levels above me and the pet.