Gnomer... or Dead Kittens

I fully understand why Myst always said that every time somebody tried to run Gnomergan the Gods killed a kitten. Ugh.

Barely got half way through the instance with a "tank" that was dual wielding, couldn't hold jackshit for threat -- my pet was tanking more effectively without growl on and I was stealing aggro repeatedly. It was frustrating as all get out. And I still don't have my pants, which means... I'm going to have to run again to try and clear this place and get what I came for out of this mess.

Wish me luck, going back in. Maybe I'll end up getting a title early on, since I have to deal with "tanks" that are really just DPS. Why can't I do that? I know I can't do anything but DPS, but at least I'm honest about it!