Chens Champions Reborn

Well, yeah, um... Hmm. Tzia on Deathwing is now running a guild. Its not a major guild or a fancy guild (we do have our tabard though!) or even a guild with a bank tab yet... (I'm working on it!). However, its my guild and The Guy's guild. And I am happy.

We resurrected the old name : Chens Champions. We also dug out and dusted off the old black and white Drunken Pandaren inspired tabard. And that's about it. I'm working on making enough cash for the intial bank slot purchase... does anyone remember what that costs again? *scratches head*

Anyways. The Guy missed the tabard, and the name, and if truth be told, kinda misses Quel'dorei, but we can't get his friends to seriously consider playing over there. So, its Deathwing and dodge the Plated Featherkin that are currently turning my hunter into a pile of blue troll goo... yes, Tzia got nuked by a laser turkey. I only had time to go Red? Hun... wtf was- *dead*. Not too pleased with that experience. I'll figure out how to turn the moonkin into soup later - I'd need egg noodles. Back to the shiny new guild!

The Guy and I have our own guild. I happened to be running around the web reading various blogs... Altis I think got me started on reading DK related things- I do have 3 at last count, which lead me to a Matticus post, which got me thinking about recruiting again... *shudder*

But Matt did point out that you should start with Trade Chat *cringe* and work from there. Once I have that first bank tab, I'll start considering recruiting... as well as snap up any newbie hunters that seem to need a bit of help figuring out just what goes where while trying not to shoot themselves or their new fanged companion in the foot (Been there, done that, my cat Lilith was not amused). If I can help at least one hunter not make most of the blunders that The Guy and I made, they will start out well ahead of their non hunter savvy competition.

Wish me luck will ya?

*Waves and clicks on the WoW Icon*