We Followed the Directions...We Swear!

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Blessed Be. So far I've gotten just about everything I wanted or needed for Christmas. Dinner is still cooking as I type this, but I'm already pouting. The Guy and I decided on a pineapple and Coke glazed ham for dinner... hey I followed the turkey's suggestion this time!

However, the recipe never said that you needed to add water, or warned that the coke and pineapple would caramelize, removing all moisture from the surrounding enclosed roasting pan. Guess we should have remembered that... oops. Caught it about an hour into cooking. Just charred the outside edges and turned the pineapple into charcoal. Ah well, live, learn, and remember what happens when sugar and heat are applied. The rest of the ham is fine, the potatoes are almost ready to be mashed, the crescent rolls should be coming out of the oven soon, the sweet potatoes are done, and the pie is ready to be cut.

My favorite gift this year has to be the the crochetted shawl that my mother-in-law gave me, or the fingerless gloves she made for me. The Guy got a Horde Scarf, which he grinned over... maybe I can talk him back into playing for a bit? We shall see.

In WoW related news, my newest hunter horde side over on Moon Guard got Dishu the level 13 Cheetah last night. I couldn't have done it alone. I got her with the help of my guild leader, who came over on his Shaman, dropped a healing totem for me and took out the cubs as they spawned. Thank you again Mysthowl! Now I just need to come up with a name for her. I think that was possibly the best present I could have gotten, help when I needed it. ^_^

Thanks again to Bloodriver for being an awesome guild to run with Horde Side, and League of Shadows Alliance Side when I don't want to deal with Deathwing for a bit.

Have a safe and happy holiday, and a happy new year. I'll see you guys later, because the potatoes are done, and its time to eat. Bye!


Bloodriver Winter Veil Extravaganza

Well, I know I haven't been posting much lately, for that I'm sorry. I've not been playing any of the hunters much. Actually I've been splitting my time between a new Paladin and a new Death Knight. I'm still playing on a pre-established server (Moon Guard) but I decided to create a few horde characters over there, just to bug Fae aka Niqora from Petoholics Anon. Her guild is a great group of people and surprisingly has gotten used to me very quickly. We've got a druid that has me sighing and laughing in equal measure, a great officer core, and a great guild leader who notices when new people log on and takes the time to personally welcome them to the guild.

Last night Bloodriver threw a little party in TB around Cairne. I showed up on the Death Knight. I had a few glasses of Eggnog, nibbled on some spicy beef sticks and sipped a bit of tea (in game and in RL) once I was a bit tipsy from the eggnog. I danced with a living flame, became the flame - that was cool! I saw so many cool little pets, an azure whelpling, a captured summer flame, a tree druid with a tree frog, the phoenix hatchling, a clockwork robot; and many, many more. I even started my DK's pet collection with a prairie dog. ^_^

I danced, watched a few snow ball fights, and once Niqora showed up, I even got into a few of the snow ball fights! Poor Niqora, at one point everyone was pelting her with snow balls! I also "accidentally" threw a snow ball at Cairne. I swear I was aiming for Drush... but he moved! It was one of the more enjoyable hours I've spent just fooling around with guild mates in a long time.

And for your enjoyment: PICTURES!