Since I'm a bit stuck with names, and the like for the lion, I decided to post pics of Yazmin with her two favorite pets. So far its Xavi, my RFK boar, and the white lion, formerly Sian-Rotam.

Yazmin and Sian hanging out in Winterspring.

Yazmin and Xavi relaxing in Stormwind.

And just so that Ruka doesn't feel left out...

Tzia and Ruka waiting on a GM ticket after a successful Moroes kill.

Gee, I seem to do a lot of sitting around, or so you'd think with the pics I tend to take. ^_^ But in all reality, I've managed to get Yazmin to 60 with 12 days /played under her.


Happy Dance

Well, more good news. I got Sian to spawn the first time I tried the quest the day after I posted my lil rant. I had to tame a diffrent cat before the attempt -- my temporary Shy ran off on me, even though I had JUST fed it a chunk of high quality meat... go figure, guess she didn't like Roasted Quail?

And, I hadn't really beem feeding that Shy modle much... wasn't going to be a permanent pet, so I figured an occasional chunk of food here or there would hold me long enough to get Sian... and it almost was. I took Shy down for the last time with a 58 Frostsaber Cub.

I froze Sian, after having slapped him with an arcane, concussive mix - so he would be sticking around, and then poured on the damage, to drop Shy as fast as possible... three shots in a row missed. She died right as the first trap broke, and I clicked abandon on the temp pet. I started taming, and he feared me... >.<

I ran around like a ninny, praying that he wouldn't despawn on me, came out of the fear, slapped him with concussive again, dropped a trap and started the tame. I think he hit me a total of three times during that tame, and then? He was my beautiful boy.

I'm still trying to come up with a name for him, but I'll get one figured out eventually here. Both of my "major pets" on Yazmin have been hard to come by pets - Xavi the RFK boar, which I tamed @ 30 and died 5 times to get, one of those to Xavi. Sian took a little over two days worth of attempts. That and, as far as this server is concerned? I've seen a total of 3 white lions, counting my own. And one of them I know for sure is Echeyakee, just because I've seen the cat at 45 and again at 58.

Sian will be my dps pet when Xavi and I hit 70. I've leveled up pets from 60 to 70 before, I can do it again. Xavi also hit 60 last night, so for me it will be time to hunt down a temp pet and venture into EPL ... how I hate that place ... and snap up an ugly boar, learn the skills, then ditch it.



On a good note? Yazmin hit 60! Woohoo! Bad note? I can't get Sian Rotam to spawn for the life of me. Believe me, I've tried and tried, and no white lion. He hasn't even acquiesced to make an appearance, no matter how many times Shy asks for him. Its begining to get annoying. I have a temporary Shy as my kill-everything-in-sight pet, but Sian won't show up.

I really do want this cat, so, I guess I will be spending some time in Winterspring until the cat either spawns or I get sick of it... which, knowing me, is going to take quite some time. If I can camp for 8 hours on one hunter after Humar, I can more than deal with the mess that Sian is proving to be.

I did get a GM Ticket answer, basically it was a "hmm fascinating" response. Que sera! At least they took the time to respond to me, and confirmed that as far as they were aware he's still in game.

I switched over to Tzia, and went through the quest... killing Shy far, far too quickly the first three times... when the cat has roughly 3.2k health and your aimed shots crit for 2.5, you end up almost one shotting the cat. But, I did managed to slow down the fight enough that I got Sian to spawn for me on Tzia.

Now if only Yaz and Tzia were on the same server... ah well. I'll get this eventually.