Spark - "Hunters and Tanks"

In a tank's pov of what hunters should do in groups blog post from Ironhelm of Can Tank, Will Travel I found myself nodding. I've stated the same things so many times its not funny, and I'm the hunter! I had to learn such things by trial and error, and my husband kindly and patiently telling me why something wasn't a good idea. Of course, some of the time, I did have the right idea... even if I did get killed 2-4 times before pulling the insane stunt off... My suggestion? Check out the post!

Oh, and I had no clue that this blog existed until I followed a link from Bremm's Musings. Might have to consider changing the blog name... I'll sleep on it. Time for me to be to bed!

About Sparks

Sparks are my little notations on things I've read from other blogs and the like, so if you see a Spark - "statement" posting, its from another blog that I found rather interesting enough to dash my own commentary off on. Expect to see quite a few of these from me!

Draenei Hunter 41- 49


Yazmin is 49 at the time of this post. I leveled her through a number of various places, mostly in Theramore, Feralas, and Tanaris; helped out Woven on his Rogue with a Stranglethorn matter... that was a fun experience.

We died what... six times trying to do a quest involving a witch doctor - I think? Three adds + Witchdoctor + a patrol = one very frazzled hunter and an appoligetic rogue. I had fun with it though. It was testing my reflexes and response more than a Kara run will, because all I had was myself, the rogue, and the pet. I would have refused the 5g he tossed at me for the trouble, but he was persistant.

At 46 I started pulling out Humar, whom I named Japhrimel - after a character from the Dante Valentine Series by Lilith Saintcrow - working on leveling him up. I'll only be doing this when I am out of rested xp and the boar is caught up to me in level.

At 47 I managed to level Japh from 27 - 36 before I hit 48 and put him back in the stable to bring out Xavi again and continue questing.

At 49 I have run ZF once, have the mallet thanks to a very awesome hunter from Phoenix Wrath (thank you a ton!). The ZF run was a partial nightmare for me. I was coping very well with things going wrong... I am willing to PUG - hence the name of the blog - but this guy was irking me.

Had another hunter in the group. He claimed to have a high level warrior, so he and I got to sending whispers back and forth. He also had a boar. The boar was on defensive (which I can overlook ... if you are awesome), had growl on, and charge. I think my trap broke about 4 times just due to that stupid boar having charge active. Its a known hunter issue. Said hunter also claimed that growl cannot pull aggro off a tank... umm what are you smoking and can I please have some?

I can pull aggro with growl off a high level tank, so I was pretty adamant about the fact that it can be done, and growl should not be on in a group unless the tank royally sucks and you have to pet tank it... The tank for that run was pretty good, even if she was being power word: sheilded by the priest every time. She maintained aggro almost flawlessly. We wiped only once, and that was due to Gaz'rilla being in a bad spot due to bad clearing. Ah well, we got our carrots.

At 49 my current plans for Yazmin are:

  • Do the Felwood Timbermaw quests.
  • Keep leveling Japhrimel.
  • Ungoro next for questing.
  • Get better gear!

Draenei Hunter 21 - 40

Around my late teens, early 20s there was some friction with myself and other members of Phoenix Wrath that caused me to split from the guild and look for another one.

I switched over to my cousin's guild, Blood Pack. The guild was okay, but still not what I was looking for exactly, so after a few days ther, I left and went hunting again for a place for my character to call home. I'm pretty picky about this because with my horde hunter, I run a guild, so what I think a guild should be is defined.

I stumbled onto a little guild called Order of the Temple. It was just forming, and in some ways still is. Wovencroft is the Guild Leader, and so far I think he and I are getting along all right. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is good, I think Yaz might stay here for quite some time...

At 30 I decided I wanted a boar. The last boar available until 48 is a level 26, from Razorfen Kraul. Before I went to the Barrens, I ran into Redridge and tamed Bellygrub - a level 24 boar that knows charge 3 and Gore 4. Learned those skills and then switched back to my lion.

RFK is not something that should be done without a group, but I went in on my own - I had Feign Death, I could easily run far enough past the stuff at the entrance and FD out of issues... then pop up, lay my trap and tame my piggy friend... right? Wrong.

I died 5 times trying to get a boar... mostly due to the stuff at the very start and to the left of the entrance... would either resist or I'd fall too far and well... it wasn't pretty.

When I finally did get clear of the mess of mobs at the start of the instance? I grabbed a level 25 Raging Agam'ar, but decided I didn't like the look of the lighter colored boar. I was going to tame the level 26 Rotting Agam'ar, but couldn't get to it due to a patrolling ooze. I settled for a level 25 Agam'ar, which I named Xavi and hearthed out.

I spent 30-32 leveling Xavi up to my level in Ashenvale, doing quests and killing random mobs as it suited me. At 30 I was finishing up many of the Night Elf Rep quests. At 34 I was exaulted with Teldrasil. I then turned my attention to raising enough money by 40 to have my skills and my mount training.

I ran SM Cathedral once with Yazmin, it was a run-through with a 60 warrior leading the group. I only screwed up once... forgot that there was a mob to the left of a door way, stepped through and got killed pretty quickly. Not too fun for me, the healer rezzed and the group moved on. I didn't get anything but xp out of that run... it was worth it though... reminded me what grouping can be like with inexperienced players, and why I had enjoyed SM so much on Tzia.

After that run, I went over to Ratchet and popped up near Humar's tree, just to see if the black cat was home... he was! So I dashed back to Ratchet, dropped Xavi off in the stable and tamed myself a pretty black male lion.

At 40 I had enough money 104g to be exact to buy my mount, which cost 80g and get all my level 40 training too! I was happy with myself! I'd hit a major milestone - Yazmin to 40. Next goal is 50.

Draenei Hunter 1 - 20

Yazmin. 49. Likes bows, arrows, and killing stuff. Has a pet boar, formerly from RFK. She is a goat-girl as well...

No, its not a profile, or the starting sentences to a new story I'm writing. Its my alliance hunter over on Echo Isles. I decided to start and level a hunter because I have a cousin that is playing on that particular server, and on the other side of the faction line. I figured I might as well play with somebody I know, so about two weeks ago, I rolled a female Draenei hunter and called it Yazmin.

Started her through the Draenei starting area, got her to 10 - only dying twice in the entire proccess of getting to 1o (go me :p)! I got her little butt on a boat as soon as I had the pet training quest complete, and headed to Auberdine.

Grabbed a black and white tiger, and ran her down the road, dodging through monsterous bears and stags and icky murlocs. Died to a walking mass of vegitation, and almost blundered into some very scary looking Tauren at a pointy gate. That was just the first brush with Ashenvale she would encounter, since I wanted a specific first pet for her... I wanted the Rake.

Dodged around the tauren, going through a break in the fence. And then died to a freaking Tallstrider! Lucky for me, I knew exactly where I was and where I was going too, so I took the rez sick hit, and ran her towards Camp T, some how managing to avoid aggroing most of the mobs along the way...

Got around Camp T no problem, and ran her into Mulgore. I knew where the Rake spawned from previous trips to Mulgore helping out guildies on my "horde" server, dropped the black and white tiger -which had just been a distractor pet- and grabbed a Prairie Wolf Alpha to teach Yaz bite. Then I settled in to wait for the male lion to spawn.

While waiting, I ran into Ghost Howl, killed him, and equipped the cloak - it was better than what Yaz was wearing at the time. Glancing around again, I spotted the Rake, and dropped the wolf.

The tame was a snap. I had a very grouchy male lion on my hands once it was all said and done, but I fed him, got him happy, and then started killing things in Mulgore. On a PvE realm I felt comfortable killing things as long as I stayed away from Thunder Bluff.

Killed Mazzranache, and got a decent chest piece. The Rake repopped, and I killed him, getting an even better chest piece, which Yaz equipped. Then I hearthed out and continued questing with my cat... which I cannot remember what I named... odd really...

During this time I was with a guild called Phoenix Wrath - great people, chat regularly with one of their hunters still - and was lucky enough for the guild leader, Zuko, to run me through a few diffrent instances for gear.

Zuko ran me through Dead Mines once and through SFK as well, which helped me with gear to level (I cannot say thank you enough). During that time, I had the lion, which was really only a few days - I was jumping through the levels so quickly.

At about 19 I picked up mining, dropping the leatherworking I'd picked up - but keeping the skinning. I'd decided that Yaz would be nothing but a money making character and I'd buy what I needed off the AH.

While deciding on my professions, I had decided that Yazmin, even though a Draenei, would be riding a Night Elf Cat come 40. I already had a good chunk of rep earned from doing all the starting Draenei quests. So, I went back and did all the Auberdine quests and any over in Teldrasil that I might have missed.

Have Bow, Will Travel

Welcome to the first post of Have Bow. This will be a WoW-related hunter-specific (I hope) rambling spot for me. I've played hunter for a little over two years and recently rolled a new hunter on a new server, and on the other side of the faction line.

You will most likely hear about some of the blunders I've made as Tzia, my horde 70 hunter on Quel'dorei; and of some of the ones I make as Yazmin, my alliance hunter on Echo Isles. Yes, I have two hunters, each one on diffrent sides of the faction line, great people on both sides, and both servers!

I'm having a blast leveling with Yazmin. I'm also having fun with Tzia, who is my 70 raiding hunter, even though I'm taking a break from raiding at this time. Miss my raid buds, but they need to get some other people into raiding, so I'll sit out for a few more weeks.

And if I royally screw up with either hunter? I'll post about it, just so anyone reading can get a laugh. ^_^