Draenei Hunter 41- 49


Yazmin is 49 at the time of this post. I leveled her through a number of various places, mostly in Theramore, Feralas, and Tanaris; helped out Woven on his Rogue with a Stranglethorn matter... that was a fun experience.

We died what... six times trying to do a quest involving a witch doctor - I think? Three adds + Witchdoctor + a patrol = one very frazzled hunter and an appoligetic rogue. I had fun with it though. It was testing my reflexes and response more than a Kara run will, because all I had was myself, the rogue, and the pet. I would have refused the 5g he tossed at me for the trouble, but he was persistant.

At 46 I started pulling out Humar, whom I named Japhrimel - after a character from the Dante Valentine Series by Lilith Saintcrow - working on leveling him up. I'll only be doing this when I am out of rested xp and the boar is caught up to me in level.

At 47 I managed to level Japh from 27 - 36 before I hit 48 and put him back in the stable to bring out Xavi again and continue questing.

At 49 I have run ZF once, have the mallet thanks to a very awesome hunter from Phoenix Wrath (thank you a ton!). The ZF run was a partial nightmare for me. I was coping very well with things going wrong... I am willing to PUG - hence the name of the blog - but this guy was irking me.

Had another hunter in the group. He claimed to have a high level warrior, so he and I got to sending whispers back and forth. He also had a boar. The boar was on defensive (which I can overlook ... if you are awesome), had growl on, and charge. I think my trap broke about 4 times just due to that stupid boar having charge active. Its a known hunter issue. Said hunter also claimed that growl cannot pull aggro off a tank... umm what are you smoking and can I please have some?

I can pull aggro with growl off a high level tank, so I was pretty adamant about the fact that it can be done, and growl should not be on in a group unless the tank royally sucks and you have to pet tank it... The tank for that run was pretty good, even if she was being power word: sheilded by the priest every time. She maintained aggro almost flawlessly. We wiped only once, and that was due to Gaz'rilla being in a bad spot due to bad clearing. Ah well, we got our carrots.

At 49 my current plans for Yazmin are:

  • Do the Felwood Timbermaw quests.
  • Keep leveling Japhrimel.
  • Ungoro next for questing.
  • Get better gear!

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