Why Bloodriver Rocks

My guild master asked everyone in the guild to send him a mail as to why our guild rocks because today is our one year anniversary. Yep, Bloodriver is one year old today on Wyrmrest Accord! Woot! But, well, I'm a writer, I suck at short stories and short notes. I can't possibly include everything as to why BR rock in one mailing, let alone the one thing that drew me permanently into the guild. So, its going to have to be a blog post.

Bloodriver rocks because we are a family. We help each other out. When our members were hacked in the past, the guild pitched in and tried to help get them back on their feet. We filed reports on their behalf. We donated materials, never expecting repayment of any type. We made gear. We offered to run whatever and passed on upgrades to help those harmed to get back into playing shape. We've had guild mates pay for another guildies subscription for a month, so that they could keep playing when things were hard. We've had guild mates buy other guildies authenticators to help protect them from repeat hacking attempts. We've offered each other advice on how to fix simple computer errors and we've seen guild mates open their homes to one another in times of stress and need.

Bloodriver rocks because its a home. I know that any day I log into Wyrmrest Accord I will have guildies to talk to, who will actually care how my day went. Its not a polite social question, guild mates here actually care if your day was good or bad, and if it was bad are almost always willing to queue up and instance and let you get the frustrations out... even if it kills them in the process. They are also willing to let you learn how to do a job on them. They will stand with a horrible tank as she learns the ropes (Casavel), and offer advice, correction, and humor when a pull goes so terribly wrong that the group ends up splattered over the ceiling of an instance. They are also willing to follow a certain bear tank blindly off a ledge and die, trusting implicitly that the tank knows the way. The guild leader is willing to pause in what he doing to help a lowbie level 13 hunter get a rare pet that is beating the crap out of said hunter by dropping a totem, going into wolf form and gnawing on cubs. That same guild master has also been dragged to Howling Fjord on a level 10 to help him get a certain pet that he wanted dearly.

Bloodriver rocks because we support each other. It can be time, money, safety, security and friendship without discrimination on any level. We don't care if you are of any ethnic group, religion, orientation, creed or belief. We accept, we understand, and we care about our guild mates.

Bloodriver rocks because we're insane. We will try anything at least three times over before even considering the remote possibility that what we are trying to do cannot be done. We will try over and over, swapping characters in and out and die repeatedly before considering that possibility. Our healers rock, our DPS rocks, our tanks rock... we can do anything. ANYTHING. Even if it kills us. We can do it.

I guess what I'm trying to say most of all is Bloodriver just is the exact kind of guild I've been looking for, for quite a while. Bloodriver is my old guild Chens Champions in a new form. Its with the kind of people I wanted on the kind of server I really wish I'd started out on to begin with.

Blooriver rocks. Lok'tar Ogar!