Healer Protection : in the job description?

I'm wondering, after running with a few very, very, very bad hunters on my paladin in the past, do most hunters believe protecting the healer is in the job description?

As a hunter, I believe its part of my job when I'm in a group to watch out for the healer in case something goes wrong, a mob blind-sides us and goes for the squishy lil healer (trees and holy pallys included), or the tank has just too much on him or her at the time to deal with another threat. I believe that is where my job kicks in, sending the pet, with growl switched on to taunt the mob OFF the healer, onto the pet, which I can keep up with my heals, scaling back the DPS a bit just to make sure that the mob is on the pet, going to STAY on the pet, at least until the tank can get around to it.

I've done this in so many groups, and had so many healers tell me thank you. What the heck? I'm just doing my job. Is it because the first hunter I ever took lessons from (The Guy) was originally a warrior and that has set my stance as squishy protector? Or is it just that some hunters don't have the focus split capable to handle DPS, Pet, Trap, AND healer protection, while calling out breaking sheeps and lost saps, and Pats Incoming? Yes, I do all of that on a regular basis, while making sure I don't jump the tank in threat and my pet hasn't gone tearing off down the hall after something it shouldn't.

I'm literally tracking so many things at once that its normal for me... perhaps that's why I like trying to kite one thing, freeze another, pet on the third and fourth and something else just walked in? I feel alive while handling more mobs that I should... and I don't even have the luxury of Fear to help me out if things really go wrong.

Some have suggested its because I'm a girl that I can multi-task so well. I think that's a load of BS. My guy can track things just as well, and has slightly faster reaction times than I do. Of course, I re-arrange my keys every once in a while so I don't become completely bored and button mash happy... so that might have something to do with it. I can also split the vocals in any song down to one vocalist and sing with just that if I know the song well enough, I can also filter out all other insturments in a band to focus on just the guitar, or drums, or any other insturment, and I don't even need to know the piece to do that.

I wonder, how many other hunters do what I do, take on healer protection whenever they step into a group, its never asked for, but something you take on, because you can and because it will keep your group running smoothly?


What A Mess!

Today has been a bit of a mess. I had planned to register to vote -- maybe tomorrow if I have enough time between a job interview and cleaning up a watery mess that started my day off.

Yes, I woke up this morning to water ballooning underneath paint as it dripped through the ceiling and ran down the wall, half over, half under the paint. Lucky me... it was in my room, the same wall that my computer sits against. The Guy woke me up to a "Hon, wake up and take a look at the wall."

I woke up, looked at the wall I was facing, went "Hun?" And then rolled over to the paint puffing out oddly in two places on the wall... right above my computer. Meep! Needless to say, I scrambled out of bed and started disconnecting my computer, killing its power with the flip of a switch while The Guy went to call the landlord and get maintenance down here. We moved both our computers out to the kitchen, re assembled them, and that is now where I sit. The hallway and half my room carpet are soaked clear through, the hall closet and my shoes are a total mess. I'm so glad I'm not wearing tennis shoes to that interview tomorrow... I'd squish when I walked.

The apartment above ours had the toilet over flow while the tenant was out of the house... no clue how long it takes water to seep through floor boards, run down the wall and soak the carpet. I woke up to The Guy complaining first about the floor being wet... I figured one of the kitties had had an accident on the floor, and went back to sleep. I was of the opinion that he could clean it up for once.

Then he noticed the wall... which really got me up. We found the closet AFTER we'd called the landlord about the water ballooning the paint. His work uniform, shoes and all were hanging in the hall closet and well... laundry done, shoes hopefully be semi dry enough to wear by the time he has work tomorrow. What a mess... don't know how long its going to take the carpet to dry, and the paint will have to come off that wall... it won't dry properly otherwise. I don't like the idea of mold much.

Basically? My day has not been a pleasant one. Though, I will say this is the second weirdest thing that has happened to me... weirdest has to be waking up to a bed collapsing underneath me. But that's another story for another day.


[PTR] OMG Ruka Holds Aggro!!!

I am positively giddy right now. My purple kitty of doom, death and absolute cuteness holds aggro on the PTR! *faints* No more boars needed!!!

I took her farming after speccing a warp stalker out to try and tank and just play with stuff on the PTR. Warpy the warp stalker held aggro while I was doing a quest... which turned out to be my 1,000 quest apparently ... but it rocked my world, so I decided to go farm testing. Warpy held aggro wonderfully, and I know Truffles can tank til he turns into hickory-smoked bacon. Ruka? Hasn't been able to hold aggro for more than three seconds on a mob since I hit all blue gear from running five mans with SMT.

So, I flew to Nagrand, over to the Elemental Plateau and pulled out Ruka and the Jubling for moral support and started killing wind elementals. Ruka held aggro! I had something come for me once... but heck, I have that happen occasionally with the boar too. We plowed through an entire circuit of the wind elementals, and she didn't lose aggro aside from that one time... yay!! I can farm again with my freaking CAT! I missed my kitty-kins!

Something else I noticed, and bounced up and down over... Freezing Traps are now a Chance to Break on Damage, not an auto break any more. Ruka was killing one mob while another became interested in me, so I dropped a trap, side stepped and the thing froze... yay for 1 second arming timer ^_^. Well, the thing died and Ruka made a bee-line for the trapped mob, she swung at it five or six times, then it popped, I kinda stood there dumb-founded, wondering if it was a visual glitch or what... so i decided to try again... froze something, sent the fuzzball at it, it held for a bit, broke and the mob died. I poked The Guy, he watched it happen again, then I checked the tool tip... its no bug! Yay!

You have one very happy little PTR hunter... who may just be ditching Truffles the Wonder Pig for something else... finally.