[PTR] OMG Ruka Holds Aggro!!!

I am positively giddy right now. My purple kitty of doom, death and absolute cuteness holds aggro on the PTR! *faints* No more boars needed!!!

I took her farming after speccing a warp stalker out to try and tank and just play with stuff on the PTR. Warpy the warp stalker held aggro while I was doing a quest... which turned out to be my 1,000 quest apparently ... but it rocked my world, so I decided to go farm testing. Warpy held aggro wonderfully, and I know Truffles can tank til he turns into hickory-smoked bacon. Ruka? Hasn't been able to hold aggro for more than three seconds on a mob since I hit all blue gear from running five mans with SMT.

So, I flew to Nagrand, over to the Elemental Plateau and pulled out Ruka and the Jubling for moral support and started killing wind elementals. Ruka held aggro! I had something come for me once... but heck, I have that happen occasionally with the boar too. We plowed through an entire circuit of the wind elementals, and she didn't lose aggro aside from that one time... yay!! I can farm again with my freaking CAT! I missed my kitty-kins!

Something else I noticed, and bounced up and down over... Freezing Traps are now a Chance to Break on Damage, not an auto break any more. Ruka was killing one mob while another became interested in me, so I dropped a trap, side stepped and the thing froze... yay for 1 second arming timer ^_^. Well, the thing died and Ruka made a bee-line for the trapped mob, she swung at it five or six times, then it popped, I kinda stood there dumb-founded, wondering if it was a visual glitch or what... so i decided to try again... froze something, sent the fuzzball at it, it held for a bit, broke and the mob died. I poked The Guy, he watched it happen again, then I checked the tool tip... its no bug! Yay!

You have one very happy little PTR hunter... who may just be ditching Truffles the Wonder Pig for something else... finally.

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