Total Chaos

Any hunter that plays will agree there are periods of bordom followed by periods of utter chaos while playing. I can't count how many times Ruka or Xavi or Varuna has gotten me into trouble by chasing something down. Then they bring back five to eight friends. Yes, I know this is in part due to my inattention... I sometimes forget to watch where the pet is chasing or don't switch to that mob fast enough because I've got my hands full with two more.

Now? Add a warlock to the mix. Its just gotten worse, Fear + pets + more Fear + running mobs = Complete and Utter Chaos x2. The other night, The Guy and I were out and about, killing mobs on our warlock and hunter combo platter. Varuna went off after something, and I switched to his target to bring it down faster, figuring my hyena had everything under control. The Guy FEARED the thing right as I switched to it, it goes plowing off through a group of three mobs, needless to say- all mobs suddenly like him. I flip to check on Varuna... she's got four mobs on her heels + the one she had been chasing... somehow.

So we've got a total of eight mobs coming at us, my trap is on cool down, I'm almost Oom, and the pet is looking a little ragged around the edges... now where the heck is that voidy? Oh, its Dead... >.<

I blow a mana pot and make a few hasty promises to the Earth Mother and send Varuna after the one she'd previously been chewing on, just trying to kill something. It dies, I flip her to the next thing, pop Intimidation, glace at my traps as DoTs bloom on everything and fear goes off again... thanks hon. >.< My pet target goes flying off, luckily in a cleared direction... so I flip the overgrown weasel to something else that is bearing down on the Warlock, it stops pays attention to her, we kill it, the formerly feared mob is back, DoTs are still ticking, so my trap is useless and the mob goes running off again, so I pick on something else as a dotted mob drops at my feet. I hear a screech behind me, pivot, fire a conc shot, drop a trap and spin back to the mob I was previously on, the trap goes off behind me, bagged birdy.

Everything else dies around us through DoTs and Rain of Fire, then its the birdy's turn, carrion bird goes down fast, I'm completely oom and The Guy has about 200 left on his Lock. Sheer Carnage around us, nine mobs dead, my pet still alive, me oom, his pet dead. I sit down to drink while he starts destroying soul stones after summoning the blue berry back.

My mouse idly falls over one of the mobs we killed, a turtle... actually the turtle he feared a few times... its a level 35. We're level 30s. I slowly start mousing over everything else: 32, 34, 35, 33, 31... Yes, we just took on quite a few orange and red mobs... chaos and totally over powered PvE classes FTW!