For the Love of Character

Obligatory notice: This is a spark post off an article and comments at Aspect of the Hare. Thanks as always Pike!

I know the back stories of both my major characters (hunter and paladin) and am still learning aspects here and there. I also have some idea of lower level characters stories. I mean, my DK is a self-absorbed blonde dimwit that got tricked into or willingly gave allegiance to the Lich King in return for power at the cost of her honor. Not dead, but she's certainly not welcome in Silvermoon and tends to instead spend time with the Undead and Sylvanas in Undercity.

I'm on an RP server just because I wanted to say hi to Faeldray (Niqora) from Petoholics Anon at one point. I ended up getting sucked into her guild and staying. I'm not one to RP much either. Yet I find it interesting watching those that do, and have learned more about WoW Lore from RPers than I ever have from places like WoW Wiki and the like.

Faction Change? Never. I couldn't move Casavel or Tzia over to the alliance. Even though I know exactly how Cas would look as a human thanks to CoS, and I have an idea of what Tzia would look like as a Night Elf, I couldn't leave great guild mates behind. And so much of their stories are bound into being Horde. Tzia's battle cry is Lok'tar Ogar! Nothing else ever suits. Casavel draws steel to defend her home, her kin, and her clan. She only swears obedience to two sources: Lady Liadrin, and the Chieftain of the Bloodriver Clan. Anyone else can cheerfully go rot in a back alley of Silvermoon City as far as she is concerned.

When it comes to a racial change? There is no way I could alter Tzia from being a Troll. Her back story dictates Troll, her favorite pet (and mine) is a lavender tiger, chosen long before I knew about the book "The Greatest Race of Hunters" but it still makes me smile. I/she - because there are times when it is hard for me to tell the difference- have made choices that dictate who she is, and how far she will go for something. Tzia's full name is Huntress Tzia Bloodspeaker, Elder of the Bloodriver Clan. However, lately the last part could be changed to Head of the Council Fires, since she is taking over for Mysthowl for a bit.

Casavel carries the Blood Knight Tabard. She is a Blood Knight sworn to Lady Liadrin. Her personality started out being anti-paladin as far as I could get her... long black hair, earrings, and disregard for any form of authority. She also cold bloodedly hunts trolls for sport in her off-time, that being a bitter hold over from when the Amani hunted her people. Over time she has mellowed, she has gone from recognizing no authority to rarely giving allegiance, but committing completely when she does so. Her hair has changed from black to red, but still long, loose, and the earrings still glint from beneath the hair. She is Lady Templar Casavel Daystar, Master Knight of the Bloodriver Clan.


And They Did it all in One Night

Naxx cleared. We started about 4 pm server and I still got to bed before 2 AM my time. Nicely done Bloodriver! I managed to off tank most of the bosses, only had one issue when I tried to take Dead Side during Gothik. We wiped... sorry. But, I also noticed that my biggest issue was in heals versus mana gained.

I wasn't taking enough damage for a healer to consider healing me as the off tank, so I didn't have mana to do anything more than hack at something with my turkey carver, as Vel calls it. Seriously, I was sitting on less than 100 mana much of the time, which grays out all of my tanking abilities. Nechi was a sweetie by innervating me instead of the healers... who apparently didn't need it. But with Innervate rolling my way, I had enough mana to pick up patrols that almost killed us... still can't believe we did die to that one trash pull... overconfident much? Or just blind to the pat?

And the greatest achievement I can think of?

Yes... Casavel survived the freaking dance!! Along with the rest of the raid. How we did that... I do not know but yay! Now I just need to get Tzia through it once. We also picked up a number of other achievements, including Momma Said Knock You Out and Arachnophobia. We might have had the Thadius one, but I know I took damage at one point due to polarity. They tried to talk me into switching out of Frost Resist Aura on Sarth, but I knew better, we were taking too much damage not to have it up. I mean, we swapped out a rogue for a healer that fight.