Things to Get Done

  • National Novel Writing Month

  • It was either that or do the blogging one, and surprisingly, I will have an easier time with a novel... even if the thing is horrible - than I would with blogging every day, because honestly, I can turn out a semi-terrible novel in a month. Can't always find things to post about that interest me.

  • Brainstorm Big Novel Idea.

  • This one will not be as hard, as I have something on Fictionpress Favorited that will refresh the bulleted point in a how-to manner. And the writing insanity starts tomorrow so there will not be a chance to forget about it.

  • Wrath comes out the 13th.

  • This might briefly interfere with work / novel writing, if I let it. It probably will at some point, but I'll just write more on the days that I'm not heavily playing.

  • Keep updating the blog

  • However, if I seem to fall off the map during November, well, everyone will know where I've gone: either working, playing, or writing until I need more coffee and asking either the cats or The Guy to get it because I've gone crazy and they actually know how to brew coffee.

    My Hunter Theme Song

    This took me three years + to find. I started listening to Inkubus Sukkubus tonight... hey, tomorrow is Halloween! So it was good to start with them tonight, and get me in the mood for trick-or-treaters, which I will unfortunately miss out on as I have to work from 5-8 pm tomorrow, ah well, maybe next year?

    But anyways, Hunter theme song... specifically MY theme song.

    The Beast in Us All

    We've got the fever of all of the night
    We've got the pain of the dark side of love
    We've got the fire that burns and more
    We've got the beast in us all

    We've got the storm rising high in the sky
    We've got the lightning and the hurricane
    We've got the thunder and the devil's own rain
    We've got the beast in us all

    We've got the power that we can't control
    It's in our genes, body, and soul
    Nations rise and nations fall
    We've got the beast in us all

    We've got the kiss of the holy divine
    They gave us brains and they gave us the wine
    Made us special so that we might shine
    We've got the beast in us all

    We've got desires that fill us with shame
    Everyone of us a mark of pain
    We're never free from our animal chains
    We've got the beast in us all

    We've got the future but it's lost in our past
    We've got culture but it's lost in the dance
    We've got lust and we call it romance
    We've got the beast in us all

    We've got our vision but we don't see the truth
    We want wisdom but we won't give up you
    We've got the beast in all of us
    We've got the beast in us all

    It describes hunter to me soo well.

    "It's in our genes, body, and soul" Every hunter I know that plays this class as a main says its an obsession, something that gets under your skin, into your blood, and into the bone. We identify as hunter first.

    "They gave us brains and they gave us the wine / Made us special so that we might shine" The good hunters use their brains while playing, instead of mashing buttons... though the button mashing can be fun, which is why I have a warrior. The good hunters shine in groups. We know how to do it all: trap, control the pet, save the healer, and do our primary job as DPS. We are also a nightmare in battlegrounds... if they don't see us? The other person is soo dead.

    "Everyone of us a mark of pain / We're never free from our animal chains" How much flak to we weather as hunters, because people who don't play hunter think our job is easy. I mean "your pet does half your damage for you" is a common statement. Its roughly 35% and we've got more key bindings going than the rest of the classes put together, especially when it comes to PvP. We also are never far from our trusted companions, and hunters mark is painful... for the other guy. ^_^

    "We want wisdom but we won't give up you" Common raid complaint amongst hunters. Wisdom, please, Kings, hell yes, but NO SANCTUARY. If the tank sucks that bad... get a new tank for crying out loud. A solid hunter will not pull threat, and if they do, FD wipes it immediately + Misdirection at that point usually swings it back to the tank without too much of a hitch.

    Well, that's why I think this song is my hunter theme song... maybe even more than a theme song, maybe an anthem? I'll think about that and get back to you tomorrow.

    Oh, Happy Halloween!


    Screen Shot Humor

    I'll admit, when I saw this I started laughing and had to poke The Guy to show it to him. Even the Night Elves think the Horde Rule. Hehe!


    Quote of the Day

    "A good rule of thumb is to comment as if the person to whom you are commenting is standing in front of you, is built like a linebacker, and has both a short temper and excellent legal representation." John Scalzi, Author.

    I really think this sums up the way I comment on other people's blogs and expect people to comment on mine. And I just love the mental image that this author conjures up. Football helmet and all.


    Zombies Ugh

    The Zombies are driving me completely nuts. I rolled a new hunter (yes I know bad Tzia) but I rolled one alliance side on Drenden to say hi to BRK, which I did, and then the server sucked me in. The newest Tzia is level 17. I'm in Auberdine right now questing away... or at least trying to. Blizzard has Zombie issues. And when I say issues, I mean they royally #&^!ed up.

    The Zombies might be okay in a major city, where there are Argent Dawn to kill them; but if you are playing an alt in a lowbie zone without any Argent Dawn...it sucks. Auberdine is frequently a plague zone with nothing BUT zombies there. No guards, no quest givers, nothing but Zombies. And the only way to "fix" that is to abandon the city until they all die & stuff respawns.

    First time was funny, by the tenth time that day alone? I want to kill Blizzard. When you see a rolling wall of yellow text saying that Auberdine is under attack and you and nine other people are bitching in general chat about how its impossible to turn in quests, and that Blizzard should have known better (how many jack-asses populate a server? Tons. Now they can all annoy the hell out of their own side) than to allow Zombies in an area where NO ARGENT DAWN EXIST.

    I just wanted to get to 20 yesterday and go grab the ghost saber, which I've never had, so I want it! Couldn't do that with the zombie invasion of Auberdine killing off everything there and killing you with-in five seconds of either spawning/landing on the dock/landing at the Flight Master/rezzing.

    I'm at about 17 and a half. If I can actually manage to turn in quests in Auberdine and vendor... I should see 20 by the end of tonight. Let's hope the jerks get bored early? Hey, I can hope!