Screens from 'Round Azeroth & Beyond

So, I'm betting some of you are wondering what I've been up to? Well, on Deathwing, The Guy and I are playing our hunters... we got to 71, and I've got my leatherworking up to 395. No gear yet to replace my current stuff, though The Guy has replaced a few things, with stuff I've crafted for him and some quest rewards. We've also been playing our new Death Knights. I've got a few things on the AH at the moment, one thing I severely under priced by mistake - hey, I'll still make money off it, I'm just undercutting the current market by about oh... 30g. Oops!

And speaking of Leatherworking and its partner craft, Skinning... I found this weirder than weird:

The Guy says I need a Skinning Chisel... I think I need a chain saw!

Our pets briefly glitched... more amusing for me than for him, but it proves just how long he's had that freaking pig of his! He's had that pet since level 10, and hasn't gotten a different one except briefly to try out abilities. He loves his lil piggy!

Locstock & Barrel

My glitch proved to be more amusing. Since I happened to have my core hound, Lethe, out at the time.

Lethe is a bit upset!

We also rolled two Death Knights - Hey, I try out new content just like every one else... why do you think I have a 65 paladin? ^_^ Anyways, my DK on Deathwing is name Dionea after my Paladin over on Quel'dorei. Same hairstyle and everything. I have re-spec'd three times now. Was originally Blood, then went Unholy, then went back to Blood. While I was leveling her through the starter quests to teach me how to be a Death Knight, I ran into something that I though rather amusing.

Disturbing but Cute

I took this screen shot while The Guy and I were on our DKs. We were both Unholy at the time.

The Ghoul Construction Crew

While playing DK we learned we are extremely over-powered when facing other classes or just alliance that don't know what the heck to make of us yet. Together we took out three other DKs that tried to jump us. Then we had another DK come back and die to us after he'd killed me and The Guy made me a Ghoul. He didn't realize it until 2 minutes later and I fell over dead!

I killed a 54 hunter as blood as a fresh out of the necropolis 58. Poor dwarf Disengaged himself right into a corner! I pulled him into me and just went to town. Got my honorable kill achievement, and besides, he was killing the Timbermaw... I kinda needed to turn in two quests at the time. He killed my quest turn in person. Any time anybody does that? They die.

My guy got his own happy kill moment against a level 70 resto shaman. We were near Thrallmar, and Mr. Shaman tried to kill us... after all the idiot chat we saw in Hellfire and the DK starting zone, I'm not surprised that the Shaman thought all DKs were being played by either Power Levelers or absolute idiots that just bought their account off another player. Anyways, Shammy fired a frost shock at level 58 Orc DK. He ran for the Thrallmar Mage Squad. He made it and I just watched those mages pour out onto Mr. Shaman, who tried to get into Ghost Wolf to run away... he just barely got out of the AoE range... The Guy yanked him back into it, for the kill, with Death Grip... have I mentioned I love that particular ability yet? Give a whole new meaning to pulling... does it not? ^_^

That kill also got me my /hug achievement for Make Love Not Warcraft. All in all? A productive weekend I would think. And? I'm having a ton of fun.