Gnomer Run -- Wipe-a-thon

Well, I ran Gnomer with a pick up group last night. It was pretty good... except for a hunter, and then a mage.

Hunter was wearing Str and Spir gear aplenty. I cringed, and sighed. Its happened in the past, running into lowbie hunters that only see Str Increases AP (Blame Blizzard for bad tips) and so that's what they stack. And they melee stuff to death and only see the pet as a DoT. She couldn't handle her pet, was running under cheetah, pet had growl on... basically hunter nightmare. Luckily she was only level 26, so not too set in her ways.

Straightening out a hunter like this can take a few minutes or longer. We got past I think the first boss, lost our healer, I pulled in a guildmate (who did an awesome job -- yes that priest I was complaining about last post ^_^), and then that hunter had to go. I gave her the basics for a hunter's gear (Agility, Stam, Int) and she logged off. We swapped in a mage while the priest was flying in (couldn't summon at level 38).

We started the run again, killed plenty of stuff, then the mage started blowing my traps when it counted. I could NOT keep my priest alive... blazing freakin' trap target = useless traps, but everything was ticked at my priest because she popped a renew just a second too early, and died, so we all wiped.

While we were running back the Tank, an awesome druid --I love druid tanks--, told everyone to "keep the priest ALIVE". I just nodded, its standard running procedure for me, then some how we partially wipe, losing the Druid Tank and the mage. The dps druid, priest and I manage to pull it off, kill everything, and the priest rezzes the Tank and the mage.

We finished the run, the group broke up. I put both the druids on my friends list... I'd run with them again in a heart beat. I wouldn't be caught dead with that mage again. I'll recognize the name if I ever group with them again, of course, but ugh.

Priest and I ended up talking about our run in guild chat later. We both agreed that the mage was the main problem, he'd panic and forget to Frost Nova, which probably would have saved his butt, and my priest's as well. I've seen a Nova save my butt before -- giving me that extra 2 seconds I needed on a trap timer so I'd not have to drag a mob half way across a room before the trap timer is ready again.

Well, I got my triprunner dungarees... I'm happy. Off to Arathi, I think...


Guess whose back? With a barn yard too!

Yes, I'm back after a several month hiatus (un-announced of course) and playing another hunter on another server. Playing Alliance again, on an RP realm... Moon Guard. I'm on 'Guard because a really good real life friend of mine is playing there with her daughter and encouraged me to tag along. I accepted.

Let me say now that I am in no way, shape, or form an RPer... I have no freaking clue what I'm doing. At least when it comes to the RP aspect of it. When it comes to hunter? I know exactly what I'm doing... most of the time.

I took the name Tzia, again. So I now have a Horde (Quel'dorei) Tzia and an Alliance (Moon Guard) Tzia. Both, funnily enough, are in the same Battlegroup. So, if I run into any QD players who pause over the name, yes - it is me, and I am going to try my hardest to kick your butt.

(MG)Tzia, as I will refer to her from now on, is level 32, Draenei, and has a pig (Princess look) named Misha. She also has a little chicken Non-combat pet tagging along that she calls Harold. I went Stormwind Rep this time, and she is on the back of a black stallion.

I've jokingly said to my guild that I have a mini-barn yard, with Tzia in the lead. So far all personalities seem to mesh very well with mine, and they appreciate the joke of a mini-barn yard running around Azeroth.

This hunter is also goaled for 70, and my friend is leveling another hunter while I'm leveling up, and her daughter, who has a Horde 70 Hunter, is leveling a priest... and kicking my butt in the leveling department. Priests aren't supposed to do that!

Ah well, I'm back, I'm having fun and hopefully I will keep this blog a touch more up to date than I have in the past!