Guess whose back? With a barn yard too!

Yes, I'm back after a several month hiatus (un-announced of course) and playing another hunter on another server. Playing Alliance again, on an RP realm... Moon Guard. I'm on 'Guard because a really good real life friend of mine is playing there with her daughter and encouraged me to tag along. I accepted.

Let me say now that I am in no way, shape, or form an RPer... I have no freaking clue what I'm doing. At least when it comes to the RP aspect of it. When it comes to hunter? I know exactly what I'm doing... most of the time.

I took the name Tzia, again. So I now have a Horde (Quel'dorei) Tzia and an Alliance (Moon Guard) Tzia. Both, funnily enough, are in the same Battlegroup. So, if I run into any QD players who pause over the name, yes - it is me, and I am going to try my hardest to kick your butt.

(MG)Tzia, as I will refer to her from now on, is level 32, Draenei, and has a pig (Princess look) named Misha. She also has a little chicken Non-combat pet tagging along that she calls Harold. I went Stormwind Rep this time, and she is on the back of a black stallion.

I've jokingly said to my guild that I have a mini-barn yard, with Tzia in the lead. So far all personalities seem to mesh very well with mine, and they appreciate the joke of a mini-barn yard running around Azeroth.

This hunter is also goaled for 70, and my friend is leveling another hunter while I'm leveling up, and her daughter, who has a Horde 70 Hunter, is leveling a priest... and kicking my butt in the leveling department. Priests aren't supposed to do that!

Ah well, I'm back, I'm having fun and hopefully I will keep this blog a touch more up to date than I have in the past!


  1. Hey, Moon Guard! I have a young hunter there (Brighit is her name) if you'd like to give me a shout one day!