Tzia's UI

Obligatory note: This is a Spark Post off one over at Kestrel's Aerie.

After looking over Kestrel's UI, I decided to post a pic of mine. Now mind you... mine looks a total mess at times, but I know where everything IS. That is usually the major thing. If it works... don't break it, right?

My UI has remained the same for largely two expansions. I use every button that is on there, at least at some point, with a few buttons rotating out when its required, such as working with another hunter and alternating stings.

I know guildmates have asked about my UI from time to time, with me rarely posting it.

Heck... I think I have an old UI shot from back from TBC days around in the folders. Let me see if I can find it...

Found one.

Yes, this is over a year old. And notice most of the set up remains the same. Yes, it was a Screen Shot of the first time the old guild I ran with downed Prince from Kara. You can tell I was a bit excited, since I chirped into my guild chat about it.

And... yes, I was even on a different server when the old UI shot was taken.

Old Frames were Titan. Bars were Trinity, if I recall correctly. But a number of things do not change. When I find something that works... I stick with it.

And wow, just noticing... the button that has Scra... on it, under Mounts & Misc section is my /e scratches %t behind the ears macro, that tells me I've had that thing a while too. One of the few custom macros I use, by the way.