Sorry Guys

I just want to start out by saying I'm sorry for posting even less than I usually do. But the last few weeks here in the real world have been a bit of an upheaval. I've been working either every single day or not at all, juggling three college classes all demanding various things of me (two of which are just paper after paper after paper). Some days the only thing I end up doing is getting up in the morning write half a paper, go to school, come home, continue writing, eat, save what I've written and then fall into bed. Other days its add work for the evening into there. Basically, school and work have been making so many demands on me of late that i have not had time to play Wow, or when I do, I just do it to try and destress between Math tests and papers coming up due.

On the math testing though, I'm highly pleased to report a B on the last test. Now I just have one more section of this class to get through and then I shouldn't have to deal with Algebra again for a little bit of time!

For Thanksgiving I will again be going to my parents house. Now here's to hoping I can just survive this semester and the next one isn't as scary... of course, if I can manage to pass this math course and the next one lined up, that will clear the last gen ed hanging over my head.