76 Glitched Pally

Well, Cas hit level 76... and I helped out with Ahune the other night, then found out while trying to drink that she won't remain sitting for more than 3-5 seconds... even if sitting is initiated by drinking, eating, or hitting x on the keyboard. Without being able to drink... I really can't play her. I want to, don't get me wrong... I want to get her to 80... but until I can sit, stay sitting, and get her to finish her tea... that won't be happening.

I put in a ticket last night to Blizzard... no response... what a big surprise there, eh? And I put in the ticket around 9:30pm my time, logged off at 3:30 this morning. They had time, never saw it come down beyond "We are experiencing a high volume of tickets....". Blech.

Well, I guess, back to playing Tzia and putting the cash together for the Paladin's Regular Flying, Epic Flying, Cold Weather Flying, and Epic Flying Mount. 7k Gold... here I come. Bleh.