Happy Turkey Day!

Well, my guy got his Turkey Achievement before we head out the door to Ft. Pierre for a day of turkey, stuffing, and a cat at my mother's. No, we are not eating said cat, but it will most likely be on our laps for much of the time we are there so I include it as a default.

Shasta the most cross-eyed cat in the world... will provide pictures if I remember the camera!

May all your shots hit, the gear you want drop, and may you all have a good Turkey Day! Don't forget to include any small, scaley, fuzzy, or feathery members of the family in the feasting! Break out the live food,wet food, and bird seed, people!

And as my guy is reminding me... if you can? Head to Northrend and kill you some turkeys!


Note to Self: Repair More!

Well, I think I might remember why I should be repairing frequently. You'd think I'd know this already after having played hunter for how long?! Nope. See convo with one of my guildies below....

And I've even got a shot of the quiver as a sword! This is just a weird one in a big way. Need to remember to repair more.