Flap, Flap, Flap!

Well, Dae bullied me into getting my Epic Flyer for Tzia. Yep, Tzia has a Swift Red Windrider! He basically threw money at me to make sure I'd get the thing, because he was tired of having to wait for me to catch up to him on my regular one while we were doing daily quests. So, I'm now cruising the skies on a windrider that is one of my two favorite colors. And I can also now do Netherwing Daily Quests! Partially completed some of them tonight, just got a bit too bleary eyed to do quests anymore tonight and dodge the big guys on the ground + the flying ones too... getting knocked out of the air and then stomped on kinda says that's a night.

But, so far its Wheee, I'm FLYIN'! Thanks again Dae!!

Daily Frustrations

Dae, the Kentucky Fried BoomChicken, moved from a PvE realm to Deathwing, which is PvP. He's gotten used to the idea of Red Everywhere. I'm still watching cautiously, while he's talking about ganking people. I try and leave most Alliance alone. If they don't start something, neither do I. Dae? Seems to want to jump everything that is red out there while we are doing dailies. Honestly, I just want to get the daily quests done, and get off the island.

The Outlands Daily quests on the other hand, I don't care if he occasionally Lasers-From-Space some poor NE. I'm usually not associated with it, so its not a problem. However, I wanted to kill people on the island tonight, specifically a hunter-rogue combo that killed us three or four times. The hunter IS KoS listed, so I will know him if I ever see him again... and I will do my damnedest to bring him down. I am not a nice person once you've ticked me off... as people have found out in the past. I think the hunter only finally left us alone when we had another boomkin join us group wise and helped him clear a few of the quests unmolested.

Ah well, I get to turn around and do it all over again tomorrow. Somehow, I'm not exactly looking forward to that.


Have Bow- Blog Title Revisited

When I started Have Bow, I thought it was a catchy little statement that fit the fact I was huntering quite well. Then I posted about the fact I'd run into a Can Tank, Will Travel blog. I questioned at that time changing the blog title, but never got around to it. The name Have Bow, Will Travel serves this blog well, and is much more appropriate now than it even was then!

At that time I had (QD)Tzia and Yazmin over on Echo Isles. I now have the Way Too Many Hunters list, which I might add is actually lacking a few, since I consider them Alt-alts. Yes, there is Main, Alt, then Alt-alt in my Hierarchy of Characters.

The total list of hunters is up to 8. Yes, eight different hunters on five different realms. Deathwing hosts two, Echo Isles hosts one, Quel'dorei has one, Bal'gun has one, Elune has one (on The Guy's Account from way back when), and Moon Guard has two.

Never thought I'd be spread out over so many realms! But then, the reasons for being on so many are very easy to explain.

Deathwing : The Origin Server.
I rolled the original Tzia on this realm under the name Venari. She started with a bow, an axe, and a nasty temper. The temper has smoothed out... especially after the name shift, no more being called VD... (I blame The Guy's friends for that one... particularly certain rogue). I learned certain fundamental aspects of WoW Hunter on this realm. And this is where my Horde Hunter calls home.

1. Always check your back... never know what's sneaking up on you.

2. Lay a freezing trap behind you... most people are stupid and won't check before walking into it.

3. Your pet is your life-line in hairy situations. Always keep major skills up to date.

4. Feed a pet one piece of food at a time. Shoving down its throat does nothing for happy pet.

5. Turn growl OFF in groups unless pet is off tanking. Makes for a happy tank.

Quel'dorei: Intro to PvE Servers
I originally rolled a hunter named Ranii (now deleted) on this realm to check it out. I found a nice enough guild to start off with, and then The Guy and I ended up forming our own.

We got a crash course in running a guild, luckily my guy found a few good guides, so we knew what to expect, and we knew the kind of guild we wanted going into things; we wanted what we weren't finding - informative, helpful, and a place to retreat from the rampant immaturity that was out there.

The guild was sorely lacking on healers, so I shelved Ranii and rolled a BE paladin named Dione. I ran Dione to about 62, and then the realm opened up for realm to realm transfers (yes, I'd gotten in on the ground floor of a realm starting) so I brought Venari/Tzia over as a 60 and shelved Dione. I leveled Tzia to 70 on here, had a great time with most of the people I grouped with, had a few horrible runs of various instances, and learned everything I could as a hunter with those people. Most of them earned my respect, a few lost it, but I can look back at QD with mostly good memories.

QD taught me:
1. How to deal with a guild, manage one, and deal with anything that was thrown my way.

2. How to deal with other people, even when you have lost all respect for them, and to let go of good friends to make their own mistakes, but always leave the door unlocked if they want to come back.

3. No matter what happens, you know you've done your best, and when its time to move on, you do so without a backward glance.

Echo Isles: Welcome to the Alliance
I rolled a Draenei Hunter named Yazmin here because my cousin on my Dad's side of the family had an alliance paladin, and I figured I can burn a hunter to 70 far faster than he can a paladin. Sad thought is? We never got to play together. I ran into a few guilds that were great, a few that were terrible, and sorely missed the Concentrate and Contain method of the Horde with the Barrens. Every Alliance I've played since then has made me grateful for the Barrens. I also didn't feel like I could ask a question while playing alliance, even though I'd never played the side before, but I was lucky in the fact I was playing my favorite, addictive class so I wasn't a complete and total newbie out in the world.

1. Alliance needs a Barrens Chat... somewhere specific, not in five zones across the world.

2. I love the Barrens, one chat, easy to turn off while flying over!

3. I am Horde, through and through. For the Horde!

Moon Guard: RP and what I do for Friends
Here is where my other Tzia resides, as a Draenei hunter with a as of yet un-named black wolf. I'm in a guild with a good friend of mine from back in the day of playing an on line horse simulation. She also has a hunter, her daughter has a horde hunter, and now a 65 something priesty. That priest is scary good. Ree is the kind of friend I love playing with, I can giggle when she does something goofy, confide in her when I'm feeling down, and help her destroy mobs when she needs just a little bit more help doing something on her druid. And I get to RP a bit now and then, whenever I feel like it!

1. RP not that scary.

2. Playing with RL friends makes it so much better.

3. B is one of the best tanks I have ever seen... even if I can give him grief about dying in Stockades at level 70. :p

I know I'm addicted to hunter. I try and play other classes and miss the pets, or I miss the damage, or I miss the armor. But most of all I miss the satisfaction of knowing I just killed something with my pet and it didn't even touch me. My pets are my companions, my friends, my anchor. As Cait, over at One Among Many said a long time ago, "A hunter's pet is a part of the Hunter's heart. A warlock's pet is a page in their grimoire..." Its true. Every hunter I have had has had special pets, with a personality all their own. And the best thing? Each and every one uses or has used a bow.

The name and sentiment with which I originally decided the name remains: Have Bow, Will Travel!

Policy Change - Comments

Hey guys, I know a few people at least read me once a week. For those of you that like to comment, feel free, but due to someone posting the type of commentary I don't allow (profanity laced/lewd) I will now be screening all comments. This means it will take a lil bit to get your stuff to show up, don't fret, it WILL show up, once I get around to approving it. If you disagree with what I post? Feel free to do so and tell me why you disagree, it might change my viewpoint! Just post civily and it will show up.

Fried Boom Chicken with a side of Bacon

Well, I got back into the instance running game tonight. Kentucky Fried Boom Chicken (aka KFBC) over at Will Boom for Gear, invited me along on a Heroic Bot run. I haven't run an instance in a few months, and he drags me in on a HBot with a mage, a warlock, and a priest. Yep, feathers-for-brains was tanking. I thought about that for a second, went eep! and then settled in. I was there as DPS/CC if KFBC thought he could tank, I'd be willing to try it. I brought my pig, Truffles along because he was arcane resist, and hey, its Bot... its all arcane crap. Ruka would have bought it far too quickly because she is still Shadow Resist.

I whistle up the pig, and flipped gear to pick up the two piece trap bonus. Chicken fries on the first arcane patroller, and I start giggling, the Warlock is giggling in vent too... we honestly can't help it. We rez the bird and continue on down the hall. I think we did four or five pulls before I finally got to trap something. I trap it, watch the main target die, drop my second trap, and then everyone goes for the trap target... um okay? It dies, my 2nd trap is useless, and we kill the sheep.

We get to the first bridge, FKBC alt tabs to adjust me in vent, and the arcane patroller 2 shots the birdy. I throw the pig at it, suddenly we've got ham and bacon ready to serve, and then I die, along with the rest of the group.

We rez, get back on track and I keep only being able to one trap anything in the instance because our bird tank is calling trap as the 2nd target. I swapped my gear out, grumble and just figure I'm only going to be able to do one trap all night. This happens all the way to the first boss.

We wipe again because the boss patted too far over, and we got her along with a sheep, a trap, and the main target. Um... ow. Splat goes group. Rez, wait on everyone's mana, complete the pull, trap. Everything goes off perfectly.

So far the bird has been ready for BBQ Sauce four times. Now we face the boss. I hop up on a box, she suddenly goes for the bird, he drops like a rock, I throw the pig. Splat goes lock, pretty angel priest, and I FD as the pig dies, and then there goes the mage. Yep, we wiped. We rez, try again, and I some-how get stuck between the box and the wall. I can see and fire, so I get a very NICE close-up of the boss as she kills me.

Rinse repeat... Splat us all. We call it, but hey, I don't mind the fact that we couldn't do a Heroic Bot. We learned that a Boom Chicken can tank trash mobs in a heroic, just not the bosses. I had fun! And now, I suddenly want chicken....