Fried Boom Chicken with a side of Bacon

Well, I got back into the instance running game tonight. Kentucky Fried Boom Chicken (aka KFBC) over at Will Boom for Gear, invited me along on a Heroic Bot run. I haven't run an instance in a few months, and he drags me in on a HBot with a mage, a warlock, and a priest. Yep, feathers-for-brains was tanking. I thought about that for a second, went eep! and then settled in. I was there as DPS/CC if KFBC thought he could tank, I'd be willing to try it. I brought my pig, Truffles along because he was arcane resist, and hey, its Bot... its all arcane crap. Ruka would have bought it far too quickly because she is still Shadow Resist.

I whistle up the pig, and flipped gear to pick up the two piece trap bonus. Chicken fries on the first arcane patroller, and I start giggling, the Warlock is giggling in vent too... we honestly can't help it. We rez the bird and continue on down the hall. I think we did four or five pulls before I finally got to trap something. I trap it, watch the main target die, drop my second trap, and then everyone goes for the trap target... um okay? It dies, my 2nd trap is useless, and we kill the sheep.

We get to the first bridge, FKBC alt tabs to adjust me in vent, and the arcane patroller 2 shots the birdy. I throw the pig at it, suddenly we've got ham and bacon ready to serve, and then I die, along with the rest of the group.

We rez, get back on track and I keep only being able to one trap anything in the instance because our bird tank is calling trap as the 2nd target. I swapped my gear out, grumble and just figure I'm only going to be able to do one trap all night. This happens all the way to the first boss.

We wipe again because the boss patted too far over, and we got her along with a sheep, a trap, and the main target. Um... ow. Splat goes group. Rez, wait on everyone's mana, complete the pull, trap. Everything goes off perfectly.

So far the bird has been ready for BBQ Sauce four times. Now we face the boss. I hop up on a box, she suddenly goes for the bird, he drops like a rock, I throw the pig. Splat goes lock, pretty angel priest, and I FD as the pig dies, and then there goes the mage. Yep, we wiped. We rez, try again, and I some-how get stuck between the box and the wall. I can see and fire, so I get a very NICE close-up of the boss as she kills me.

Rinse repeat... Splat us all. We call it, but hey, I don't mind the fact that we couldn't do a Heroic Bot. We learned that a Boom Chicken can tank trash mobs in a heroic, just not the bosses. I had fun! And now, I suddenly want chicken....

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