/Guild Love

Something Mysthowl said last night in officer chat really got me thinking and agreeing. Bloodriver is a great place to hang out, have fun, and destroy things with good friends while laughing at or groaning over the random comments that fly off vent. Bloodriver is a guild that will drag a fresh level 80 into Naxx as a DPS, laughing at the gearing standards, and then chucking gear at the fresh 80 if it drops faster than that person can go "ooh, pretty! Ma-" [piece of incredibly awesome gear awarded to new 80]. Heck, the guild's official motto (imho) is "Shut up, and let us dress you!" We love our tanks, our healers, and our dpsers too. We're batty enough to try anything at least twice over before changing out a group -grudgingly at that- and trying the insanity again. The concept of NOT doing the insane thing never enters our brains... its "hey let's try doing x, worst that can happen is we wipe."

Bloodriver is also an online support group. A place where you can rant about how your day went, and try and figure out just why it went so badly. Or a place where half the guild at a minimum gets it when an eviction notice shows up at the door, or somebody in the family is really, really sick and that member rushes from where they live now, back to their home state to be with the person that is so ill. This guild steps in and steps up to take over responsibilities when one of the officers has to go on hiatus for one of the above listed reasons, with all guild mates wishing luck, offering advice, or just a shoulder to cry on when things seem overwhelming.

Bloodriver is also the place where you can log into a level 80 epic'd paladin tank and just fly around in circles looking for yellow dots for hours, talking to a friend about everthing under the stars, and nobody in the guild will bother you for a tank... they will just leave you alone circling Nagrand, and never wonder or at least ask what the 80 is doing there. Yet all it will take to draw a person back into the group is the offer of running something, if they want to, and only if they actually do.

Bloodriver is a place to BE. Its a physical place of friends and laughter, its a support group, and its a place of thoughtful conversations and sometimes counseling sessions just one on one, in the middle of the night on any topic imaginable over whispers if you really don't want to give voice over vent about what you are actually thinking or feeling.

And honestly? I wouldn't have this guild any other way. I'm proud to be an officer in Bloodriver. I wear the guild tabard and guild tag with pride. I'd be just as proud if I were nothing more than a lowly Tenderfoot or Kinsman in the guild with no other responsibility other than to have fun and be polite in world chatter. This guild doesn't demand much of its officers - aside from being able to think rationally and vote on occasional things that come up as affecting the entire guild, + the base responsibilities of any member. We hope it demands about the same of the membership. I had leadership of Bloodriver for a bit, barely had to do anything at all.. the guild practically runs itself, with only the occasional hiccup.

I think what I'm trying to say is simple enough : I love my guild, and my guild mates. Awesome people make for an awesome place. Thank you, as always guys. Though, I'm still wondering... how did I become an officer again? ^_^