Blacksmithing 298

Well, part of the reason for not having too many updates on the blog is, well, I'm not playing any of the Tzia's very much. Nope, I've been playing my now level 66 paladin, Dione on Quel'dorei.

I started playing her again to keep my awesome original CC guildie, Rivey, company while he leveled his paladin towards 80. He did make a post saying that I was the reason he didn't get anything done before he left for Washington state. I deny that accusation. I was on a QD character fumbling my way around Hillsbrad. That hunter is 26, I couldn't remember what the heck I'd been doing, its been several months! But I would have been happy to just figure out which quests I was doing, load up on arrows and kill things with the black lion while chatting with Rivey as he leveled. He instead decided to go back over to Deathwing, and I followed him over and logged into Tzia. Not like I'm doing much there either, since The Guy and I are leveling those two together. The guy was at work, so Tzia sits, and well... I didn't want to play the DK either. So, Rivey leveled his lil rogue and he and I talked. And talked. He got a few quests done, I got a bit of rested XP under my belt.

Once Rivey logged off to pack, I went back over to QD and tried to figure out just what the heck I was doing with Di, because I figure if I can talk him into questing together, then I can help keep him on track with Jaska. I figured I'd try and level up my blacksmithing to something remotely useful... I don't have to level the paladin all that fast, she's not a main character, so I can dink around on her to my heart's content.

Anyways, did a number of runs through EPL. Got thorium until its coming out of my ears. Then I remembered something... I hadn't chosen weaponsmithing or Armorsmithing yet on her... oops. Rivey obviously wasn't on at the time, and since I needed a bit of advice, I flipped back over to Deathwing to see if any of the blacksmith's I knew were on and could point me in the right direction with a potential tankadin.

Ran into somebody from Vane in our friendly group channel, and he pointed me in the right direction: Armorsmith. So, I returned to Quel'dorei and found that I have to do a LOT of work just to get to the point where I can break the last few points and get to 300.

I've done The Old Ways. Now I need a ton of Mithril and even more Iron. I guess Its back to Arathi for a few stacks of Iron, then on to Ungoro and Tanaris for Mithril and a bit more Thorium.

I'll give you a blacksmithing report when I've broken 300! And I might just have some hunter news by then too!