Raiding Elsewhere

Note: This is a Spark Post from World of Matticus.

As an officer in a very casual guild, we see a higher turn over rate than a lot of guilds out there, but we also raid on occasion when we can fit in enough people (and this is at the 10 man level -- I know, I know) but we do it because we like to have fun.

Occasionally we will have people leave us for "harder" raiding guilds. Almost everyone that has left us has done the "Wait til the end of the week, talk to the officers and GM about their decision" route.

Those people for our guild? Always have the option of poking one of the officers or GM and getting an invite back to us. We leave the door open, because we understand that a harder raider oriented guild might just not be what they want. Or one of the officers might end up being the one that the new guild contacts to see just what kind of a person the ex-member was.

I've answered questions in the past ranging from (but not limited to):
1. Can they take instructions?
2. Are they prompt at raid times?
3. Do they come prepared to raid? Do they research the fights?
4. Do they die in circles on the floor -- repeatedly?
5. Do they adjust to rapid changes in pace well?
6. Do they know what proper raid attire is on Tuesdays? (The answer is always a pink tutu, but only in September)*.

Basically our members and many ex-members that are now happy raiders in other guilds are polite to everyone, which goes a very long way in my guild. If something comes up, we are told as soon as possible about it, especially if it will affect plans that the guild has made (such as some one not being able to make it to a raid). We rarely have discipline problems in Bloodriver, which says a lot to how we recruit and treat our people. We have a high expectation of respect given and it shows in everything we do.

We miss guildies that have gone on to other guilds, but they always know they have the option of dropping in and saying hi with an Alt, or dragging one of us along on a run of theirs or vice versa if they or we need people.

To all the guild mates that have come before, I salute you.

* this was a question on an old raiding guild application, to which the answer was buried in the guild's charter. It was a definite "did you read the charter" follow up question.