Flap, Flap, Flap!

Well, Dae bullied me into getting my Epic Flyer for Tzia. Yep, Tzia has a Swift Red Windrider! He basically threw money at me to make sure I'd get the thing, because he was tired of having to wait for me to catch up to him on my regular one while we were doing daily quests. So, I'm now cruising the skies on a windrider that is one of my two favorite colors. And I can also now do Netherwing Daily Quests! Partially completed some of them tonight, just got a bit too bleary eyed to do quests anymore tonight and dodge the big guys on the ground + the flying ones too... getting knocked out of the air and then stomped on kinda says that's a night.

But, so far its Wheee, I'm FLYIN'! Thanks again Dae!!

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