Things to Get Done

  • National Novel Writing Month

  • It was either that or do the blogging one, and surprisingly, I will have an easier time with a novel... even if the thing is horrible - than I would with blogging every day, because honestly, I can turn out a semi-terrible novel in a month. Can't always find things to post about that interest me.

  • Brainstorm Big Novel Idea.

  • This one will not be as hard, as I have something on Fictionpress Favorited that will refresh the bulleted point in a how-to manner. And the writing insanity starts tomorrow so there will not be a chance to forget about it.

  • Wrath comes out the 13th.

  • This might briefly interfere with work / novel writing, if I let it. It probably will at some point, but I'll just write more on the days that I'm not heavily playing.

  • Keep updating the blog

  • However, if I seem to fall off the map during November, well, everyone will know where I've gone: either working, playing, or writing until I need more coffee and asking either the cats or The Guy to get it because I've gone crazy and they actually know how to brew coffee.

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