Have Bow, Will Travel

Welcome to the first post of Have Bow. This will be a WoW-related hunter-specific (I hope) rambling spot for me. I've played hunter for a little over two years and recently rolled a new hunter on a new server, and on the other side of the faction line.

You will most likely hear about some of the blunders I've made as Tzia, my horde 70 hunter on Quel'dorei; and of some of the ones I make as Yazmin, my alliance hunter on Echo Isles. Yes, I have two hunters, each one on diffrent sides of the faction line, great people on both sides, and both servers!

I'm having a blast leveling with Yazmin. I'm also having fun with Tzia, who is my 70 raiding hunter, even though I'm taking a break from raiding at this time. Miss my raid buds, but they need to get some other people into raiding, so I'll sit out for a few more weeks.

And if I royally screw up with either hunter? I'll post about it, just so anyone reading can get a laugh. ^_^

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