Happy Dance

Well, more good news. I got Sian to spawn the first time I tried the quest the day after I posted my lil rant. I had to tame a diffrent cat before the attempt -- my temporary Shy ran off on me, even though I had JUST fed it a chunk of high quality meat... go figure, guess she didn't like Roasted Quail?

And, I hadn't really beem feeding that Shy modle much... wasn't going to be a permanent pet, so I figured an occasional chunk of food here or there would hold me long enough to get Sian... and it almost was. I took Shy down for the last time with a 58 Frostsaber Cub.

I froze Sian, after having slapped him with an arcane, concussive mix - so he would be sticking around, and then poured on the damage, to drop Shy as fast as possible... three shots in a row missed. She died right as the first trap broke, and I clicked abandon on the temp pet. I started taming, and he feared me... >.<

I ran around like a ninny, praying that he wouldn't despawn on me, came out of the fear, slapped him with concussive again, dropped a trap and started the tame. I think he hit me a total of three times during that tame, and then? He was my beautiful boy.

I'm still trying to come up with a name for him, but I'll get one figured out eventually here. Both of my "major pets" on Yazmin have been hard to come by pets - Xavi the RFK boar, which I tamed @ 30 and died 5 times to get, one of those to Xavi. Sian took a little over two days worth of attempts. That and, as far as this server is concerned? I've seen a total of 3 white lions, counting my own. And one of them I know for sure is Echeyakee, just because I've seen the cat at 45 and again at 58.

Sian will be my dps pet when Xavi and I hit 70. I've leveled up pets from 60 to 70 before, I can do it again. Xavi also hit 60 last night, so for me it will be time to hunt down a temp pet and venture into EPL ... how I hate that place ... and snap up an ugly boar, learn the skills, then ditch it.