On a good note? Yazmin hit 60! Woohoo! Bad note? I can't get Sian Rotam to spawn for the life of me. Believe me, I've tried and tried, and no white lion. He hasn't even acquiesced to make an appearance, no matter how many times Shy asks for him. Its begining to get annoying. I have a temporary Shy as my kill-everything-in-sight pet, but Sian won't show up.

I really do want this cat, so, I guess I will be spending some time in Winterspring until the cat either spawns or I get sick of it... which, knowing me, is going to take quite some time. If I can camp for 8 hours on one hunter after Humar, I can more than deal with the mess that Sian is proving to be.

I did get a GM Ticket answer, basically it was a "hmm fascinating" response. Que sera! At least they took the time to respond to me, and confirmed that as far as they were aware he's still in game.

I switched over to Tzia, and went through the quest... killing Shy far, far too quickly the first three times... when the cat has roughly 3.2k health and your aimed shots crit for 2.5, you end up almost one shotting the cat. But, I did managed to slow down the fight enough that I got Sian to spawn for me on Tzia.

Now if only Yaz and Tzia were on the same server... ah well. I'll get this eventually.


  1. Heh, reminds me of when I was camping for Rak'Shiri. Finally nabbed him at 4am server time.

  2. I've been getting off and on reports that Sian-Rotam isn't spawning -- as well as off-and-on reports that he is. Something is definitely up, but it seems to be intermittent. *shake head* Well, definitely let us know if.when you get him!