Pristine Yeti Horns - Ugh

Okay, well, Yaz is almost 56, and I spent almost all my time in Winterspring, killing Ursas, Shaman, and Yetis. I started the night trying to finish up the patch of fur Yeti quest, and ended up killing anything that got in my path to bring Xavi up to 55 with me. Also did the quest for a new chest piece with 20 Agi and 12 Stam. Now nuetral with the Timbermaw.

Ran back to Everlook, stopped and killed Ursius, turned that in, picked up the Chillwind quest. Then I picked up the Pristine Yeti Horn part of the Yeti quest line, and went off to kill Matriarch and Patriarch Yeti. I remember it took me a while on my paladin, but that was because I was in competition for every yeti at that time -- I swear half the server population was doing the same quest when I was leveling Di.

Anyways, I get to the area where the Yeti are, noticed an Alliance druid/warrior combo killing things, a Horde hunter with scorpid killing stuff, and another Horde hunter with an orange tiger... all are going after any yeti that move, so I know that the repops will come quick. I find a Matriarch, hit my Hunter's Mark/Pet Attack macro (love that lil thing) and start shooting.

The Matriarch dropped the horn I needed, I thought, yay, this will be easy! Oh how wrong was I... I spent over a solid hour killing Matriarch and Patriarch Yeti. Lost the pet once due to an in-cave repop of five right in a row... I mean that poor pig got swarmed, one or two we could have handled... but five with all parties being 57-58s? No way I could do it. I dropped a trap and booked it.

I stayed out of the cave after rezzing the pet... if they were popping up that quickly, I'd need all the room I could get. About ten minutes later... and probably the 50th Yeti to fall, I got my second horn.

Took me over an hour, with minimal competition, to get two horns. Eww. Reminded me far too much of the Barrens quest for Zevera Hooves -- they share them ya know? You kill 5 and finally find one hoof.

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