Yazmin 55

With Yaz having hit level 55, she only has three more levels to go until I can start working on the Pridewatcher Mount. Yes, I decided I wanted the mount, then Outlands - Epic Land Mount is almost a must, imo. I will be stepping into Outlands briefly to get the Rage Reaver axe- and level up the skill while doing the three Pridewatcher Mount Quests.

With the advent of 2.3 going live and opening the Winterspring Animal Quest to Alliance, I am considering dropping Japhrimel (Humar) and picking up Sian-Rotam (white male lion). If I did, I will be naming him Aldarimel, which means Morning Star. Aldarimel is also a name of a demon from the Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow. This demon is discribed as having blue eyes and hair that ran with snow white flame... sounds close enough to Echeyakee or Sian to me! Japh matched his name too, but I believe it will be easier for me to level a 60 to 70 over a level 48.

But this decision will wait for a while, since I will be slowing down my leveling while working at the cat mount. Yes, I will be saving quite a chunk of change up front, but I know that I will have to pay it when I get my Flying Mount at 70. I can't skip a riding skill level. So, instead of my snowy gryphon costing 1k it will be 1.5k in cost. That I can deal with, no problem.

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