Bloodriver Winter Veil Extravaganza

Well, I know I haven't been posting much lately, for that I'm sorry. I've not been playing any of the hunters much. Actually I've been splitting my time between a new Paladin and a new Death Knight. I'm still playing on a pre-established server (Moon Guard) but I decided to create a few horde characters over there, just to bug Fae aka Niqora from Petoholics Anon. Her guild is a great group of people and surprisingly has gotten used to me very quickly. We've got a druid that has me sighing and laughing in equal measure, a great officer core, and a great guild leader who notices when new people log on and takes the time to personally welcome them to the guild.

Last night Bloodriver threw a little party in TB around Cairne. I showed up on the Death Knight. I had a few glasses of Eggnog, nibbled on some spicy beef sticks and sipped a bit of tea (in game and in RL) once I was a bit tipsy from the eggnog. I danced with a living flame, became the flame - that was cool! I saw so many cool little pets, an azure whelpling, a captured summer flame, a tree druid with a tree frog, the phoenix hatchling, a clockwork robot; and many, many more. I even started my DK's pet collection with a prairie dog. ^_^

I danced, watched a few snow ball fights, and once Niqora showed up, I even got into a few of the snow ball fights! Poor Niqora, at one point everyone was pelting her with snow balls! I also "accidentally" threw a snow ball at Cairne. I swear I was aiming for Drush... but he moved! It was one of the more enjoyable hours I've spent just fooling around with guild mates in a long time.

And for your enjoyment: PICTURES!

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  1. I'm really glad you're enjoying our guild! I look forward to many more entertaining times in your company (and picking your brain for your huntery wisdom)!