The First Comment

As Cait over at One Among Many has so kindly kicked the ball into my court today, I've got a post on the first comment I ever got on the blog. It was a comment in response to me disagreeing with another hunter over whether or not a 58 hunter was ready for Outlands -"Hunter, money and some hunter blog"-

The first person to comment was Troll on a Powerbook, who unfortunately is no longer playing the game or blogging. The second person to comment, and welcomed me to the blogging community was Cait. She commented a few times in the first weeks, which lead me to her blog. That caused me to read her, and through her I found Hunter's Mark, and eventually Blog Azeroth, and Kestrel's Aerie.

Cait? All I have to say, is thank you for being a frequent responder which lead me to so many others... you even led me to Aspect of the Hare. And I guess, a quick thank you to Pike, who has fueled so many Spark Posts over the last year!

Without all of those who read at least once a week :p it gives me a reason to keep on writing.

Now for me to pick people to tag... hmm. I can only think of one person.


Tag, you're it!

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    1. Awww ^_^

      Glad to have you with us still!