Hunter, money, and some hunter blog

Well, Yazmin dinged 50! And I ran her off into Searing Gorge to pick up a chest piece, since I was still wearing something from the mid 30s and it was leather... eww. Mail, with agility, stamina, and intelect. Should last me for a bit of time, I hope. Only a few more levels to outlands.

I have also been back-reading several diffrent hunter related blogs. I ran into an old post off Bremm's Musings declaring that outlands should not be attempted before 60... just due to the fact that a person will have a harder time with it.

I find, from previous experience with my Troll hunter Tzia and her pet kitty, Ruka, that 58 was just fine. But then, I am also a bit picky when it comes to gear and was able to conserve gold and had enough on dinging 70 to buy my flyer... so money is not an issue for me, and that I remember was one of the major problems with this person's post.

I figure Yazmin will have an easier time in outlands than her horde predecessor. The reasons for that being:

1. She has a tanking pet, not a dps pet.
2. I already know what I will face, prior knowledge will keep her alive.
3. Fel Reavers have an impact term - hallelujah!
4. I will be grinding for money, not questing as much... want epic land mount asap.

Yazmin is 50, as I stated earlier... she is still in a few pieces of leather - Triprunner Dungurees, some agi/stam leather shoulders, and I think that's it now that the chest piece is out of the way... but her gear is holding up, as is Xavi the boar, who got his updates of bite, gore, and charge - still needs to hit 50 before I can give the lil armored piggy a better growl.

I'm still a bit upset with the AH. Echo Isles Alliance prices are insane in my oppinion, but I do remember the fact of supply and demand... there are tons of hunters out there and a very very tiny portion of gear that is good for hunters, therefore demand is high, supply sucks, so pricing is in the stupidly rediculous range.

It just means I will be hoping for good gear to drop over buying it, unless I can find really good items for cheap... and when I do, believe me, those pieces won't remain on the Auction block longer than it takes me to click 'buyout'!


  1. Hey, welcome to the WoW blog community! I think your blog has a lot of potential.

    And thanks for linking me! Much appreciated.

    Troll gals gotta stick together, eh?

    Kibbler's Bits and Love,
    Troll on a Powerbook

  2. I'm here to welcome you too...blame hunter and pet...


    I went to Outlands with Hawk at lvl 57. I had all rested through to 59. It took me a day, if that to hit 60. Bags of runecloth/netherweave later, it also helped me get my epic mount. But I think to each their own. Some people are good in Outlands before the quests open up and others arent.

    Best of luck whatever you decide to do!