Yick! That's my first comment on entering Un'goro. Yeah, its a pretty place, but all the oozes and tar beasts running around kinda ruin the scenery... if you know what I mean.

I pointed Yazmin towards Marshal's Refuge immediately, and picked up all the quests I could. Checked my ammo, food, water, and non-combat chicken then set off questing. One thing I'd forgotten though... this is Un'goro Crater. Giant Impact Term less MONSTERS roam the crater.

Yazmin got smushed no less than six times by three different Tyrant Devilsaur... fear for the loss! The first time I laughed it off, it was a wake-up call, I'd barely woken up when I started questing in real life, didn't even have coffee- so I was playing a bit bleary-eyed anyway.

By the third time I was running back to my corpse, I was wondering if I was just having a really, really bad time... I didn't remember dying this many times with Tzia or Dione. Then again, Di is a bit harder to eat - plate does that to teeth.

Anyways, I rezzed, and promptly got eaten by the third Devilsaur of the day. Didn't have time to rez the pet, drink, nada. It was rez and RAWR!!! Dead hunter. My guild leader was laughing his rear off... because usually Feign Death saves my butt, while his little rogue-self is usually squashed flat.

I managed to ooze my squashed self back, watch the Devilsaur pat away, then rez, pop up the pet, and run away!! In between the time of being smushed by ravenous Tyrant Devilsaur's, I managed to get a few quests done and then turned them all in. Yaz is almost to 51, the boar is 50, but I'm tired of being flattened for a while, so I'm going to go play Sims 2... once I have all the expansions re-installed.

More of Yazmin's adventures in Un'goro tomorrow!

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  1. Just wait until you level to the point where you can solo the Devilsaurs! Drinks and much merriment will be in order!