Gnomer... or Dead Kittens

I fully understand why Myst always said that every time somebody tried to run Gnomergan the Gods killed a kitten. Ugh.

Barely got half way through the instance with a "tank" that was dual wielding, couldn't hold jackshit for threat -- my pet was tanking more effectively without growl on and I was stealing aggro repeatedly. It was frustrating as all get out. And I still don't have my pants, which means... I'm going to have to run again to try and clear this place and get what I came for out of this mess.

Wish me luck, going back in. Maybe I'll end up getting a title early on, since I have to deal with "tanks" that are really just DPS. Why can't I do that? I know I can't do anything but DPS, but at least I'm honest about it!


  1. Lets say Gnomer is lvl 24. Two lvl 25 hunters (actually we may have been 23) can destroy gnomer. Find yourself another hunter (a veteran preferably) and pwn that place until your pants drop! =D G'luck! :)

    ~Cait (Snugglekins)

  2. I love Gnomer!

    That sucks about trying to find a good tank though...