Where in the World....

Well, Christmas was awesome. I got two different Lilith Saintcrow books, and Torr got me a Black Hills Gold heart pendant. I did not expect jewelery, the books were my favorite, but the necklace is pretty. I like glittery things as much as the next girl.

My DvD Drive died on Christmas Day. Torr got Spore... which i might add is addicting as all bleep! :) I found out that my DvD Drive died then when it wouldn't read the DvD. We were under a blizzard warning, and the stores were already all closed, but my brother-in-law had an extra DvD drive lying around, so we swapped that in, and then found out something nasty. My Hard Drive was dead.The hard drive in my computer was older than this blog. It finally coughed, wheezed and died on me.

Remember that blizzard warning? Well, it dumped almost three feet of snow on us. That kinda limits my options to staying in doors for a day or two. It the second day after the blizzard that we managed to dig ourselves out. Snow drifts are still high here. When we were able to get the car out, Walmart, as usual for the bane of my existence (yet still at times being the only place in town open to acquire things) didn't have internal hardrives in stock anywhere. So, I ended up waiting another day. Got a new 160 Gig Hard Drive yesterday.

As I type this World of Warcraft is downloading in the background. I still have to go back and grab any of the Mods I normally use. But I should be modded up and in game tomorrow. I've been missing my fix and staying up very late, and then sleeping in until well past noon.

That's been my week. How was yours?

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