Ding! 2 Years of Have Bow

Well, its a nice moment for me. I was flicking back through my blog posts of the past two years, and realized suddenly that this is my two year anniversary of Have Bow being in existence. Yep, two years of listening to me ramble. And a year of being with Bloodriver as a guild, I might also add. Grats to me I guess? The fact that this blog even made it a year still surprises me. Now if I can only find something to post regularly... that would be nice.

I guess I won't go into resolutions, since I can never manage to keep them to myself for more than three months, but if its possible, and with Cataclysm coming up here eventually, I will have things to post about. And if I dip back into the Blog Azeroth Community that will at least try and give me a topic to post every week, which would give me 52 blog posts at one a week. That would be an improvement from this last year.

Well, I guess its Ding 2 years and now off for some pie and sparkling cider. See ya!

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  1. Congrats, and happy anniversary, Tzia! AND...Happy New Year :)