Evil Walks

I find it rather amusing at times how well my Pandora Station will kick out just the right song when I'm questing around on a lowbie in contested territory on a PvP server. I'm carefully working through Redridge at the moment, almost to 25 and avoiding the roads whenever possible.

Old habits stand me in very good stead - I'd still rather go cross country overland on a lower level character than take a road in WoW. Roads on a PvP server = kill zone. They may be an "easier trip" for avoiding mobs, but I realized long ago that if you are on a hunter, you can handle anything up to 5 levels above your level. That is as a one on one encounter with an even level pet post level 20. Because I know I can handle most mobs in the zone I'm finishing up, I avoid the road and the indefinate stream of level ?? players that are trying to murder my baby night elf hunter* if I'm on a road.

Anyways, I was briefly following a deer trail up to an area (which qualifies as a road) and Pandora kicks out "Evil Walks" by AC/DC. The very next second after I hear :

"Black shadow hangin' over your shoulder
Black mark up against your name
Your green eyes couldn't get any colder
There's bad poison runnin' thru your veins
Evil walks behind you"

I die to a blood elf rogue. Came up from behind. One second I'm fine, running along on my little frost saber (see I can remember I have a mount button, dang it) and the next I'm a twisted mess of limbs and white hair on the ground and I've got a prompt for release to the graveyard.

I have to wonder, does that qualify as irony? I think it does. That or Pandora is capable of premonition... never heard that as one of her traits... but then again, Pandora did release every evil possible into the world, trapping only hope.

And dang it, now I have to go listen to "Only Hope", which I believe is a Mandy Moore song. Ah well, good music, always a reason to listen.

And I might as well add... this entire section of dying was prefaced by "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" which is one of my all time favorite April Wine songs. I should have known something was coming.

* Yes, I do know the sterotype about Night Elf Hunters, especially on a PvP realm. But, combine kitty's prowl + NE shadowmeld and you have a pretty safe way to go AFK for a little bit.

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  1. The rogue must have been an a nub. I always kill the hunter's pet first. Then the hunter. It really upsets them. Yeah, I'm like that when I am on my rogue...

    But killing lowbies is so..pre-BC.