Deadmines From Hell

Who needs to wait for them to make it a Heroic? The run I had tonight qualified a few times over. The group makeup was me on a level 22 night elf hunter with a ghost saber pet. Another night elf hunter at 24 with a white spotted leopard, a 20 druid for healer, a 21 warrior and a 14 druid.

We get into the instance and the warrior is moving fast. It becomes pretty apparent that the hunter has never really played her class before... pet is on either defensive or aggressive... I really couldn't tell very well, going off in all directions, she is meleeing things to death... and can't figure out how to turn off growl or how to heal her pet. I explained how to do both repeatedly. I'm compensating as much as I can, because I really, really want to get this instance DONE, and get the Tunic of Westfall.

We get to the goblin forge area (the workshop I think?) and the 20 druid suddenly bails on us. The 14 steps in to heal, and I fall into keep everything off the healer mode. Other hunter's pet pulls half the room, she panics, I just drop a trap between me and the healer and then start focus fire on the tank's target. I ended up twisting the pet around to pick up stray mobs and throw a heal at him on occasion. We down the boss, blue leather + Stam pants drop. I pass, since I'm wearing a green of the monkey at level 19.

Warrior charges ahead, while druid is drinking. I stay with the druid. Hunter's pet goes tearing off after something. Pull three things on top of what the warrior picked up. We deal, healer starts getting snippy, snappy with the hunter about everything from how she can't control her pet and to bleeping heal your own bleeping pet. I tell him to just ignore the healing on mine, I can keep my pet up. He retorts that I'm not the one he has to worry about. I tell him to chill a bit (we aren't to VC yet).

We get to the boat, fly through Smite. My pet gets glitched right at the point where the dock meets the land before the boat, so I click stay on and move forward. I would have dismissed and resummoned, but didn't because the warrior is already half way up the ramp and engaged. Hunter's pet goes in the opposite direction of what it was suposed to. Three things land on the hunter, healer uses Shadowmeld, I watch her die, realizing I can't do anything with that kind of numbers, warrior dies, healer dies, I smack Shadowmeld and everything goes away.

Hunter, I believe was getting tired of being told how to play her class, even though I was being as nice to her about it as is possible - we've all been there at some point. If a person doesn't know what the heck they are doing, gentle correction and explanation is needed. The other two were swearing and screaming... not a good environment. She hearths out at the beginning of the instance after rezzing.

The three of us decide to press on - we've all seen we can handle our roles. 15 Druid by this point rezzes and walks into an elite patrol, dies. I start heading in the opposite direction, towards the entrance, knowing we might have to handle a patrol or two. I run into a group of 3. Kills my pet, run into the other two making their way to me, we kill the three, I rez pet, druid drinks.

We move back to the boat, kill our way through the scaffolding ramp, then suddenly the warrior has two + the Captain + his adds. We all die. Run back... I get lost in Deadmines as usual, healer laughs at me, and resurrects me inside the instance. We kill the two then pull the Captain down, kill him no problem. Then we kill Van Cleef... again very little problem. Druid stops to drink... he blew his mana keeping the pet and the warrior alive. Warrior goes jumping down after Cookie. I just sigh, pop eyes of the beast after checking the druid... jump cat down, follow.

Druid runs away from Cookie... right out of the instance... he grabbed Heal Aggro by healing a bit too early. Warrior grabs it as Cookie comes back at him, and then dies to Cookie + adds. He's swearing, I'm left with 1 Add + Cookie. I drop my trap and flick on Growl, throw the cat at Cookie.

My level 21 ghost saber tanked Cookie, I danced around with the add, used a health potion,and grinned as he died. Then the cat and I drop the add and I look at my chat log to see that the warrior left the group as did the druid....

I tanked Cookie and an Add on my own, at level 22 with a 21 pet. I got Cookie's loot, which was the wand and the Siamese cat that was waiting for me.

I do not ever want to do that again, but it was definitely an interesting time. Ugh, Pugs.


  1. Aie! Scarey and intense! You rock for sticking it out.

  2. Pugs FTL usually...

    I haven't seen "Tzia" online yet, but I'm back in Bloodriver. Trying to play every so often these days. My hunter went from 73 to almost 76 in a couple weeks...so I'm getting there. :)

    ~The Snugglekins...

    aka Cait

    aka newer blog :) http://pooftacular.wordpress.com