Why Do YOU Blog?

I figure this is a question that I personally should answer, and would encourage anyone that reads this to do as well. And its an easy-to-post if you are stumped for something!

I blog most of the time so that somebody will be able to have something to read as they are getting ready for school / work / a zombie killing spree. I actually have two or three articles written in longhand on paper with a pen (ooh, scary hun?) that just haven't quite yet made it through the keyboard and onto the screen. The reason those articles are even on paper is I have an hour on Monday, Wednesday, and a half hour coming up on Thursday to write while my husband is in class. When I get home? Nintey percent of the time? I just want to log in and play, I don't want to blog immediately, unless I've been chewing on something while in class.

Blogging also gives me an outlet when things go really, really wrong in an instance, as a place to try and analyse why things went so horribly wrong, and how possibly somebody else can prevent making the mistake I did. Or, to share a funny incident or a really, really lucky break. My blog is a place to vent, cheer, or just generally be confused, without feeling stupid about it.

As I've said to my husband a few billion times, I had to learn a lot to get where I am now as a hunter. When I first rolled one? I had no clue how to send my pet to attack, didn't know that spiders kinda sucked as pets, or how cool boars eventually would be. If I can pass on even a tiny bit of what not to do to a new hunter, then at least the other hunter won't screw up the way I did so many times!

Note: Most times if you get more than 3 things on you as a new level 10+ hunter with a pet? You are sooo dead. Hunter multi-tasking is done with a growl, a freezing trap, and either a scattershot or an intimidate. Even I don't always survive a three pull if things go bad and the wrong thing traps. So, never feel bad for dying, just be embarrassed if your pet has just come from a battleground and you wipe the group because s/he is on aggresive - been there, done that, never do it again!

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  1. Nice :)

    I blog to kill time at work and occasionally apply points of humor and entertainment for others - while also hopefully being relatively informative on subjects they might have questions on. Hence the start of WoW Jones between me and messyah. A good informative only blog on money making :) Ironically enough...I'm pretty broke.