Draenei Hunter - 51 Now what?

Yazmin is sitting at level 51. She dinged 51 while in ZF, having a very fun time too, I might add. But now I've got nothing but Un'goro left... and a ton of quests too. >.< No, I'm not happy about un'goro ... see previous post solely on me being squashed by roaming ravenous devilsaur.

I supose I could take a break at 51, and go drag out Japh, work with the kitty a bit, and see how much they pumped up the pet leveling... Now my question is... what is the lowest level mob I can kill while not murdering the pet every time... guess its back to Tanaris and killing anything but Basali?

I'll get back to you on how far Japh made it before I personally dinged to 52. And with 52 comes BRD! -- and yes,I know, I really should just finish Un'goro so I can go to Winterspring!


  1. I'd say find the lowest level mob that's still green to you and go nuts. You should be able to handle them by your lonesome at that level.

    My main Nicora is level 51 right now as well but she still has a TON of quests to do. She has yet to complete Tanaris, Feralas basically hasn't been touched, and she hasn't even travelled to Azshara (or whatever it's called, the one north of Durotar) or Searing Gorge (I think Searing Gorge is the one) yet. So...have fun in Un'goro! /wave

  2. At that lvl I was in wpl/epl (plaguelands). Searing Gorge (or was it burning steppes) is also more so lvl 48-50. A bit more "lava" esque than ungoro...but no dino's to ZOMGWTF just pwned u.

  3. If I'm not mistaken... Felwood might be around your level? I might be a bit off though... it's been a little while.

  4. Oh and... try Blasted Lands too...