Draenei Hunter - 52 with Black Lion Updates

Well, Japhrimel made it to level 42 before Yaz got to 52. I managed to speed through the needed experience for Xavi to ding 52, then switched back over to the cat. I'm doing nothing but grinding right now in Azshara. Killing Naga and various highborne ghosts - attempted a 50 elite blue dragonkin and decided that was a bad idea... Japh died really, really quickly... and the entire point of killing stuff is for KITTY to gain experience, not me!

I've got probably 5-8 quests complete and just sitting in my log from Un'goro. Once I ding 53 I'll probably stable Japh, where ever he may be in levels and let the rest figure itself out when Yazmin and Xavi have hit 70. Because I highly doubt I will get large patches of pet leveled to me once I turn in those quests.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see... and no, I did not log out at an inn, I logged Yaz out on a hill overlooking some temple ruins. That way I can kill stuff in the morning with no run time!

As for me? I'm headed to bed. Got class tomorrow. But hey, its a Friday, that means I have the entire weekend ahead to play!

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