Changes are Happening

Yazmin reached 53, managed to get Japh to level 48, he'll be stabled until Yaz and Xavi reach 70... at least that is the foreseeable future. I'll be finishing up Un'goro with Xavi, then move on to Winterspring and hit Outlands at 58, right on schedule. I think my gear will be able to hold up until about 56 when I can start upgrading my neck, bracers and boots, which will need the biggest upgrades prior to stepping through the portal.

Yazmin has switched guilds again, I went back to the original guild I started with on Echo Isles - Phoenix Wrath. Order of the Temple was a nice guild, but it just wasn't active enough for my tastes. Being the only one on a lot of the time got too lonely.

I want to be in Outlands before next Friday. We'll see I guess.

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