Good-bye Un'goro, Hello Winterspring!

Yazmin hit 54, finally got rid of her [Triprunner Dungarees], traded them in for an of the monkey green mail pair of pants. Yay! She also just got the [Deep River Cloak]. I'm looking at the mail chest reward from the Winterspring Timbermaw person, but that thing is level 58 and will probably require a lil bit of care while soloing it.

Xavi is level 53 at the moment, so Winterspring is proving to be a challenge. I ran up to Frostsaber Rock, got killed by the cats and rezzed only to learn that the quest for the Frostsaber Mount only become available at level 58. /sigh. Now I'm torn... do I grind it out, and get to Outlands by this Friday, or do I hit 58 and grind out the rep I need with that faction to get the epic Winterspring Frostsaber? Because I cannot have a Frostsaber mount on Tzia, I kind of want one on Yaz, a way of having Ruka with me at all times (Ruka is Tzia's main pet and a Frostsaber Pridewatcher).

The mount would deffinately be unique, and a first for me. I did grind so that Yaz could ride a Spotted Frostsaber... now I want this Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber.

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