If I say "run" RUN!

Every good hunter I know takes a careful stock of every situation they put themselves into, trying to see the angles, and what can go wrong - if it does, and tries to plan for it. Or, maybe, its just me.

I find myself watching everything, even while in the middle of an instance, I know where a mage's sheep is, where the sap target is, and dependant on which breaks first, I call it out, while DPSing, and trapping the targets I've been assigned, and managing the pet. I do it because I can. I also keep my tracking up - its been made much less confusing now that I can track hostile versus passive mobs. And, if things go wrong, I'm the first to throw my pet at whatever it is, to try and buy the group a bit more time to either run, or try and get the situation under control. I will even die before the healer when at all possible, to try and give the healer a bit more time... usually it results in a more favorable rez position for said healer- not always, but sometimes.

The only times I will cut and run are when I believe a situation is beyond the ken of the current group, not before. And if I'm running? Everyone feel free to follow the potenially screaming hunter from the room... we are in no way going to survive whatever Tzia is running from. Or, if I tell a group member to run? Please do it, I'm trying to buy you time. I can take a few hits more than a clothie can. I'd rather the clothie cut, run away, and let me die than us both dying.

Some have said I'd make a good warrior with my tendency to watch everything, and the willingness to throw myself at death. I don't know... I like my hunter and all the control it gives me. Its something to think about at any rate.

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