Rally Inc!

Mind you, I normally don't mention real life things, however; when I'm living on a main artery for the town and can thankfully walk to work, and something that's happening a few cities over actually has an impact on my city, and region, and spikes my state's economy... I'm posting on it.

Sturgis Bike Week. August 3-9 according to all official leaflets, but anyone that's lived and worked through one in the past knows better than to trust an official leaflet. It basically starts tonight, and goes until next Sunday. Motorcycles roaring all hours of the day and night. Its going to be so loud, that I'd warned guildmates ahead of time not to expect me on vent.

We've been seeing more and more bikes since at least last Monday. And since I'm living in an outlying city in the Northern Hills, the main point of origin must already be reeling from all the bikes in town.

I do enjoy looking at the various bikes, its just the level of noise at times gets to a person, the vibration settles somewhere around the back teeth, like a constant buzz that doesn't let up until a week after it should.

All I can say? Hope I survive yet another... next year is going to be completely insane. Its 70 years next year. Well, gotta get dressed for work... we are wearing Rally apparel this week... obviously! Wish me luck... I just might need it.


  1. I'm laying low this week...probably won't go out of the neighborhood (lol...next-door neighbors have a biker son...who probably will have a lot of friends this week).

    Have fun! ;) (And for crying out loud--literally--wear a helmet!)

  2. Kes, she always wears a helmet.... She's a special one, and they require her by law to wear one... ~_^ j/k

    But that aside, it has been a good week around here. The noise is no more than usual (for Rally), but that is to be expected.