First All Bloodriver Naxx 10

Well, I brought Casavel along and off tanked, with Vel as main tank. We cleared Spider Wing. Then did Plague Wing. Got to Heigan, died, died, died... oh did I mention... died? Repeatedly? Group decided to call Heigan, so we went on to deal with Patchwerk instead. Cas got a lovely new epic necklace out of a trash kill - yay upgrades, as Lin would say.

I main tanked Patchwerk... and died in about 3 seconds flat. That was an Oops. We tried again, I kept Patches focused on me, Vel ate the Hateful Strikes, we dropped him before he enraged. Guild was estatic. I was sitting there giggling, and dropped dead right after Patches did... not sure why, but I went splat.

Mage (Lin) didn't die on Frogger... Sol, our priest did. Vel deliberately killed himself... but what can you expect from a former paladin healer who would randomly DI people? Hehe.

Got to Grobbulus... and kept making mistakes. We had people that had to leave, so we called the run.

But boy did I ever have fun. I think its the most fun I've had in a run since the days of first starting out in Kara and being a healer short and ALMOST downing the Horseman on the first attempt. I've got to hand it to my guildmates, very little annoyed us... except the Safety Dance.

And, just because its stuck in my head... The Safety Dance

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  1. I think you died on Patchwerk because he went into a frenzy or something. I just remember the warning coming up on my screen and frantically trying to burn all the cooldowns I had.

    And I agree, that was definitely the most fun I've ever had on a raid. I can't remember ever laughing so much, especially when Zyss doned his super hero suit and died like 4 times on Frogger. The time went by much too quickly.