Rawr I has Druid?

I know, I know, it might look like I jumped on the Druid bandwagon... but I think I've had my baby druidess for at least a month and a half now? My husband and I are playing together, I had the choice of a squishable bored-to-death priesty or something that could be-the-pet druid. I started the priest got her to about 10, got annoyed with the heal and do nothing elseness of grouped leveling, so I brought in my level 10 druid.

Now I only heal when the little warrior decides to go batty and yank in five or eight things at a time. Otherwise its druid in kitty form turning mobs into red ribbons of goo. And we've actually been able to handle more mobs as a DPS duo than as a tank-healer combo. Its fun, and since we are basically perma-grouped our xp is staying relatively level with one another... and aside from occasionally making gear for the druid on Tzia or gear for the warrior on Cas, its been largely Tes and Mato running around in Azeroth.

I think this week my guild is putting few to no demands on my time as a potential tank because they understand I do have limited time to play this week with odd work hours for both my husband and I.

So far? Matoska (White Bear in Lakota) is happily running around Azeroth alongside a pet "turtle" of a warrior. Hey, he has kitty treats... why not follow him? Even if all the treats have turned her fur red... I think its the red 40 dye rubbing off. Eventually she'll be back to white bear/white cat... but treats... soo addictive!

Well, off to play for a brief snatch of time before getting dressed and heading off to work.

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